Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Little Boxy Bags


Over the weekend I was suddenly overcome with a familiar feeling - the one which comes when one is making stock for a craft market. A overwhelming desire to stop sewing. It hit me hard. One minute I was sewing, or maybe dawdling. The next I wanted to do nothing. I'm thinking after my Christmas market, I'm going to take a very long break from craft markets. I know I say this every year end but it's getting harder and harder to keep going.

So I thought to make it interesting for myself, I'll make a few pouches for non human beings - like my dolls. All my bags are usually slated for humans so I wasn't very sure how "my guys" will take to them.

For the first pouch, I used a Japanese fabric which has bamboo leaves and flowers and crests. This is an interesting fabric as it has these textures which I would normally call slubby but it's not really slubby. Just nice to touch. This fabric has a unique name but for the moment, I can't recall what it is. Melly must have the same taste as me because the minute I finished the bag, she jumped right into it. She was so quick no one else had a chance.

Melly reasoned that since she's from Japan and the fabric is from Japan, it's a no-brainer. She does look cosy in it. But don't tell her her head's too big.

This is the 2nd bag I made. There was an ugly fight over it. Little Red won. Needless to say, Bear lost.

She wouldn't budge - no matter what. Yup, she's still sitting in the bag in the balcony right now. Little Red said Bear's big butt couldn't fit into the bag anyway. Oh, don't tell Little Red her big head can't fit either.

You know what Kevin Bacon once said? (wise man)

You're only as happy as your unhappiest doll.

Bear put up such a big sulk that I figured his bag had to be 3 times more kick ass than his siblings'. (3 times more because his butt is 3 times bigger...)

I think he likes it but he's not sure yet. <grumble, grumble> And I slaved over it too.

It's really mine?

That's Bear's happy face.

Now everyone's happy, we can all move forward with our lives.

I had to drag the bitches out to get pics of the bags.

Hmm... actually I kinda like the bags without the dolls in them.

Maybe I'll sell them to humans after all. Shhh.

p.s. I have a big promotion at my Etsy shop for all my digital bag patterns. Use coupon code ILOVEJANE50 (all caps) to get a 50% discount. Coupon expires Nov 13th 2013. Hurry. Go here.


Anonymous said...

hey jane, the first dollie looks hilariously freakish in the bag :) will you be selling them online or at vivo only? I think the shape is good for my baby's equipment bag, but what are the dimensions like?

Projects By Jane said...


firstly, I don't think the bag's big enough to put your baby. oh, wait, you mean your baby's equipment. hmm, like gym stuff? I will put up my Christmas catalog in a few days and you can see the details and stuff. if you can't wait, email me at projectsbyjane@gmail.com I wasn't able to get your email. (yes, I do post my bags to internet people who want them)

Suzee said...

OH love those! I was trying to figure out the dimensions on these. they look huge with the dolls inside but with the one you holding them all they looked littler then I think.. so dimensions please? i was looking through my saved pages and came across this from you..

I love these and wonder if you will make a pattern for this one?? =O)

Chris H said...

Hee hee! I love the little bags. How sad they are getting sold to humans! *smiles*

Aunty Stitches said...

ditto what Suzee said - will there be a pattern and will they be big enough for a Living Doll person?

Projects By Jane said...

@aunty stitches
i think this boxy bag is nice when it's not too big. Bear's big ass is as big as it should go. at the moment i'm spending my time on my craft market stock. next year i promise there'll be more patterns.

Little Blue Mouse said...

That's Bear's happy face is it? He doesn't looked too thrilled to me!

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