Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to stitch a tatted motif to felt

One of my readers, Christel Goh wanted to know how I stitch my tatted motifs to felt. This post shall address that mystery.

First, notice how tatted motifs have little loops which are called picots. I use these to sew my stitches.

From under side of felt, insert needle and come out just inside the top of the picot loop. Insert needle into felt, just outside the same picot loop. Pull thread taut and you will see the little stitch you have made will hold the picot in place securely.

I usually anchor all the outer picots first making sure the motif stays flat. Next I anchor all the picots in the center.

Sometimes you may not have enough picots to anchor the motif securely. Another good place to make a stitch is where the two chains meet (semi-circles).

Lastly, the most important "trick" is to choose a thread colour that will be blend in nicely. I also double knot (sometimes triple knot) my thread in the beginning and end.

This is another tatted brooch I made this week. It's a little larger than my usual ones as I used yarn lace which is thicker. It is 2.75" in diameter compared to my regular 2". So many picots! I had no trouble anchoring this motif down.


Chris H said...

Very cute Jane.

Christel said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for answering my question on how to sew tatted pieces onto fabric/felt. :) Maybe I'll try it next time.

Jane said...

these are so pretty! would be so nice to hang these during winter time - they look like snowflakes!

Nueyer said...

So pretty! I did tatting looooong time ago, I don't think I remember how to anymore :p

Agy said...

This is so pretty, but it looks really complicated to do too! Well done.

Linda said...

You do such beautiful tatting! I am enjoying my tatted brooch!

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