Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I buy a ton of crap. A ton. My home is crammed with stuff. It's horrifying. I'm not the only contributor. Hubs and my two kids as well. But mainly hubs and I. Each time I declutter, I end up getting new stuff. The worse thing? I can't say NO to other people's stuff as well. Do I need a sandwich maker? Not really but I ended up being gifted one. Used it once.

Sometimes I get lucky and buy something I really need.

Like this mechanical pencil. I have mechanical pencils. But they all suck. The mechanical parts usually break down. Sometimes right away. This one is from Muji. It has a nice weight which I like and the grooves are great for grip. It's also 0.3mm. I just hope the mechanical parts stay good for a long time. It says MADE IN JAPAN. I wonder if it is really made in Japan.

I have plenty of needle keepers, some were made by me. But I never really love any of them. Somehow I always felt something was missing. Guess what's missing? This Clover Needle holder has exactly what I was looking for.

MAGNETS! Now it's hard to lose my needles. I love it.

Do you have regular tape measure? The ones which you have to hand wind? I hate, hate those. So much time wasted just winding it over and over again. This tape measure has a button for you to press and the winding is done super fast. I love it. I have 2. It says MADE IN GERMANY. I wonder if it is made in Germany.

This cute container (see pencil for sizing) is a very good example of the kind of crap I would buy. It's around $2 so how to resist? The thing is I have no idea what I could use it for. Still I bought it.

Turned out the container is good for my little doll, Neve. Neve is not very posable being a non-jointed doll. It is made of rubber or vinyl.

This is going to be Neve's new home from now on. Neve, by the way, is also an example of stuff I should stop buying. Like enough already, right? But ain't she cute? She is made in Korea.


Laurie-Jane said...

I know now why I like you I'm a buyer and acceptor of crap too. Love it! My friend rings up and says lets go Tat shopping, of course I'm always up for it :)

Sandra :) said...

I wonder if she she is made in Germany.

HA!!! Had to do it, lol!

My house is not crammed with stuff. My basement sewing room is definitely overloaded with sewing and crafting items, and my fabric stash has migrated to the next room as well (much to my husband's horror, haha) but other than a few too many kitchen gadgets, I don't have a ton of STUFF. My husband doesn't buy much, and our youngest son is even more of a minimalist than either his dad or I - he actually weirds me out sometimes, LOL. The kid that loves to buy STUFF, now has his own house and mortgage so he doesn't buy much, as the mortgage payment is more important :D We'll be downsizing when the younger one moves out, so that helps keep my shopping urge in check :) I still do way too much fabric and craft shopping though - it's hard to resist a sale!

Linda said...

Great post! I need a mechanical pencil like that. All I can find are the cheap ones that, like you said, don't work very well for very long.

Christel said...

I hoard lots of stuff too. Oops. I kind of don't like packing my stuff, cause once I do, I tend to forget where they have been placed/ moved to.

Projects By Jane said...

Christel, yes, me too. I work best in chaos. If my sewing area is nice and tidy, I can't do anything because I'll be spending all my time hunting for this and that.

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