Monday, March 30, 2015

A Cat And Its Moiré

After years of trying to improve my drawing skills, I have come to enjoy my childish drawings. Yes, it is indeed I who drew the cat, not my kids.

The cat applique is done using needle turn technique. Needle turning is such a pain, isn't it? I ironed freezer paper of the cat outline on top of the fabric as a guide.

I tried to add an interesting embroidery detail except I'm not sure if anyone can see what it is. (It's a fish bone.) This collage is a 6" block. I have no idea what I'll do with it. I have this idea in my head where I'll make lots of 6" blocks and when I have enough I'll put them together. The idea sounds good in my head but the lazy part of me is screaming, "don't do it!"

Also, photographing fabric is hellish with my camera. The fabric gives off a wavy thingy. It's called moiré.


Christel said...

Oooo, a cute cat :D (I mean it btw haha) By the way, what are other ways are there to do applique? I've only done the needle turn technique, which turned out quite horribly since I don't really have the time to practice much. :\

You can make a quilt/blanket with your 6" blocks! (I wanted to make one but.. I procastinated haha!)

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Christel,
Thank you. There are 2 ways to do applique - turned under and raw edge. Under Turned under, there are a few ways like using a needle, glue, ironing and there's one more method where you sew your shape to interfacing, cut a hole in the interfacing and turn the shape right side out.

Christel said...

:O never heard of the second method! Thanks for sharing. But I still don't really get it works.. shall google more on it.

Sandra :) said...

I can't even draw recognizable stick figures so I think your cat is quite adorable - and I recognized fish bones as soon as I saw them - definitely a fishy embroidery :)

I don't do needle turn embroidery - I'm very slow with handwork so it would take me eons to do anything. I stick with the lazy-a$$ but efficient satin stitch method :D My sewy friend up the street loves needleturn - so if I need an actual nicely/properly done applique - I can get her to do it for me :D

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