Thursday, March 12, 2015

DIY - How to get away with never having to feed your goldfish

We live in a pet-free home. Over the years we have tried keeping pets like fish and terrapins but we never succeeded in keeping them alive for long. Recently, my son became interested in a cat which roams his school and talks about him sometimes. But when I asked if we should get a cat, both my kids screamed out, "No!". I think they know what kind of horrible pet owners we are. We can barely keep our newspaper recycling thing sorted out. It's a wise decision.

Last Christmas I visited momshoo at public garden market and I saw my chance to finally have a pet. They were selling these knitted goldfish kit and I asked myself what's the worse that can happen?

The kit comes with lots of coloured pebbles.

And of course a goldfish.

Unfortunately I didn't have a jar. At first I waited to finish my pasta sauce. But I kept forgetting and throwing the jars away. Or maybe I was too disgusted with the idea of washing the jars... A few days ago, I saw clean, empty jars for sale at typo. I literally screamed. I never knew you could buy such jars from a shop. Somehow I thought you have to buy at least a crate's worth.

I got an insane amount of delight just putting the pebbles in the jar.

The goldfish is in the jar! The goldfish is in the jar!

The goldfish seems to be adjusting well.

I only wish I have a blue or turquoise or teal pom pom.

Momshoo sells the knitted goldfish in her Etsy shop but it doesn't come with the pebbles or jar. Here.

As expected, Bear threw a fit.

Followed by a long spell of staring.

More staring.

OMG. You know, one of these days...

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Sandra :) said...

I don't know ... I think you're going to walk into the room one day and fishy is going to be MIA, while Bear is burping a very satisfied burp. Fishy looks awfully delicious and tempting! ;)

Bethany said...

That is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen!!!!!!

Lauren from DIY BEST POSTS said...

I agree, this is really super cute. Nice DIY idea.
I shared it on my site.

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