Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Bag Pattern - Mini Carryall

Hello folks,

A few years ago while I was still selling my bags at craft markets in Singapore, I started work on this bag pattern. The demands of producing stock for my craft market left me too tired and I abandoned the project and left it in my Work-In-Progress basket. Yes, I actually have a real basket where I throw stuff I lost interest in. It has lots of stuff in it. Filled to the brim. Collecting dust.

Anyway, this bag pattern has always been at the back of my mind and I told myself one day I will tackle it. And I did. This year. Except you already know what happened - tennis elbow and gastritis freaking headache hell. By some miracle, in October I was able to get past my daily gastritis headaches and get cracking on the pattern. Things went swimmingly. Usually I would have screw ups like camera dying, images corrupting, lack of sunlight, ran out of fabric, bird shat on my head etc. This time around, it's almost as if the Universe wanted me to get this bag pattern over and done with already. Zero screw up. The sun was out when I wanted it to. I have a new camera. It didn't die. I dropped it once but caught it with my thigh!!! I even learnt how to use it in time for the photoshoots. My daughter willingly posed with the bag for the final shoots.

Completing this bag pattern means so much to me. It's more than just putting out another bag pattern. Throughout producing the pattern, I learnt to live and work with and around my headaches instead of lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself. I no longer wait for a good day to work. I make every day a good day. I'm making it sound so easy. It's still hard. Some days I have to drag myself out of bed. I feel so darn proud of myself. Don't mind if I pat myself on the back. I had been feeling pretty useless since April. I feel so successful now! Not money successful but you know what I mean? Like I can do anything. Anything. But don't worry. I won't go chasing every shiny object. I will focus on my bag making.


I present to you my Mini Carryall. I have listed this bag pattern in my Etsy shop. What are you waiting for? Get it now. HERE.

Does the bag look familiar? If you're a long-time reader of Projects By Jane, you may have seen something similar on my blog a number of times a few years ago . I used to sell a version of this bag at my craft markets. I remember they sold really fast and you would think that would motivate me to make truckloads of them to sell. Instead I made only a few to sell and that was it.

This is a hand carry bag and it's called mini carryall because it's mini and you can put lots of stuff in it. Originally I wanted to call it the Gastritis Mini Bag in honour of you-know-what but I think that's too weird.

It comes in one size only and it's a really perfect size. I'm quite particular about the size of my bags and I spend much effort figuring out what's the best size. The mini carryall doesn't look good big, imo.

This is not a beginner bag. It's also not difficult to make. I usually include lots of photo and detailed instructions so I'm confident anyone who can sew and follow instructions will have no difficulty producing the mini carryall.
So what do you think? Is my mini carryall cute? I think it's super cute. In fact I think it's awesome. I hope my customers will love it. Say, could you guys do me a big favour? Those of you with an Etsy account? Click on this link to my Etsy shop and heart/favourite this item. It will really help increase views. It's similar to a Facebook Like. Thank you so much!

Here are the dimensions of the bag:
Across the top and bottom: 8 1/4"
Depth: 4 1/4"
Top to bottom: 4 3/4"

And here are a couple of "outtakes"...



Big thanks and love to Maria of Mia's Creations for testing my bag pattern. In her version, she has added some quilting lines which I've come to notice is her signature. Also, notice she matches the colour of her zipper to the flowers on her fabric? That's effort, my friend.

Btw, if you much prefer to buy my mini carryall pattern off my blog (same discounted price as Etsy) and not bother with opening an account , you can do it by clicking on the 'Buy Now' button below. Do read my faq first if it's your first time buying off my blog. (ecommerce provided by Payhip)


Maria said...

You already know how much I love your patterns and now there's this cutie to add to the collection. It's always a pleasure testing for you.

Sandra :) said...

YAY you're getting back into bag designing - I'm glad you're getting life under control enough to be able to do that! It's a gorgeous bag, and I'm glad you got the Bag Whisperer - Maria - to be a tester. I've never seen a project from her that wasn't extremely well done. She really has an eye for colour and matching and she does just the right quilting on the bags she does - she's a talented lady :) Your daughter makes a lovely model - the outtake pictures are adorable :D I did "heart" the pattern on Etsy- because I *do* heart it :) This is such a happy post - it's making me happy too, woooooohooooooooooooo!!

Bethany said...

I LOVE this!!! I feel I've gotten away from my bag-making as well, but this little cutie is probably going to put me back into it :)

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