Friday, November 27, 2015

Weigh In Friday - Sugar Sugar

Hello friends,

Something terrible has happened. I have gained more weight. This morning I woke up early to weigh myself thinking I'll weigh the lightest before any breakfast. After peeing all the pee I could muster out, I dragged out my scale and of course the damn machine screwed with me again. It registered a huge weight gain followed by ERR. I think ERR is the machine's LOL. Anyway, I weighed myself a few more times and looks like it's 57.1kg. I gained 400grams in one week. I'm now back at 57kg. Yes, I know I once said my ideal weight is 57kg. But that was a total lie. I really wanted to be 55kg.

You may think 400grams is no big deal. But I had gone down to 55kg for a while. So, in reality, I've gained back 2kg. I'm freaking out and dealing with it by eating even more food. I'm blaming my weight gain on all the sugared drinks. I've been drinking soy milk for the past 2 weeks and you know how horrible soy milk tastes without sugar? So I've been drinking the sugared chocolate soy milk. I could easily down 5 to 6 little packets a day.

I also tried Pacific's Hazelnut chocolate milk. It's delicious and very sweet. Maybe it's delicious because it's sweet? I'm going to have to seriously reduce the amount of sugared drinks if not I may end up back at 63kg. I'm screaming in my head, can you hear?

I went running once this week and it was quite hard since I'm so unfit now. I'll try to run at least once every week. It's a little tricky as we are having lots of thunderstorms every day.

My kids' exams are over and it's such a relief. I no longer have to check their schedules and wake them up on the correct days. The morning exams start at 8am which means my son would have to wake up at 6am. On Wednesday it was my son's last exam. The train system broke down for some of the stops. Fortunately it didn't affect his journey to the station near his school. I read in the papers 10 students showed up late for their exams due to the train fault. But they were given the full 3 hours to complete the paper. My son said some students from other schools went to his school to sit for their exams. This is allowed when the trains break down. Still, I imagine how upset the students must have been, going to a random school asking for permission to sit for their exam papers.

With no schedule to follow anymore you would think I would feel so happy and be doing all the things I want to do without having to stress over the kids' making it to school in time. Strangely I feel so empty like I have no purpose in life. Also, I find that I wake up early in the morning now that I can sleep in every day.

Next week I go back to eating and drinking oats. I can't wait.


Christel Goh said...

I guess some of those students that went to your son's school were probably from my (ex-)school. I really feel 不值 for the students taking their A's on Wednesday. It's not just about being late; it's the panic and anxiety they'll have, so it's kinda unfair to them even if they get the full timing.

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Christel,

You're right. The 10 students will definitely be super stressed. And it didn't help that it was a 3 hour Lit paper.

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