Friday, November 6, 2015

Weigh In Friday - Spelt

Hello friends,

This week flew by, didn't it? We had good air when the haze gave us a break. It's kinda back again. But thank you for those few glorious days of blue skies and lovely sunshine.

I worked very hard. Not the terrible, I'm so tired kind of hard. The "I'm so occupied I forgot I have gut problems" kind of hard. By the way, my bag sewing mojo is back! For quite a long time since 2014, I had lost the passion for making bags. I got so caught up in my real life drama that there wasn't any room for anything else. This year I thought I could get back into sewing again but my tennis elbow happened. I thought it meant the end of my sewing life. Not being able to use your right hand like normal is no joke. It drove me nuts. Slowly but surely, my elbow is getting better. It will never be the same and I accept that. I can use the big scissors now so that means sewing is not a problem. I can use the vacuum cleaner as well. Demmit! I do continue to look after my elbow. There are activities I still avoid like swimming or using force with my arms.

I was going through my fabric and I realised with utter horror I have a shitload of scrap fabric. This is the disadvantage of making over a thousand bags and pouches. The leftover fabric. I can't bear to throw these away so I started thinking maybe I want to start making stuff for sale again. Just so the fabric won't go to waste. I'm definitely not going out to shopping malls to sell again. That's not going to happen anytime soon. I still remember the stress of trying to sell enough just to pay the rent. That was awful. My option is to make a few things and try to sell them on my blog? These are just thoughts at the moment. Looking at my fabric, I had so many ideas. I feel like I'm falling in love all over again with an ex. <giggle>

This week spelt kept me alive. Spelt flakes taste no different from regular cereal. I eat this for breakfast some days and when I get hungry, I eat them as a snack. They are a little filling and that's the effect I want. The other thing keeping me alive is oatmilk. I drink a few cartons a week. I may have to stop drinking oatmilk for a couple of weeks just so I don't end up becoming allergic to it.

I lost my cooking mojo and have been cooking very simple food for the kids and I. Vegetables soup and chicken soup. Oh, I had fastfood TWICE. I'm bad again.

My weight this morning? 56kg. Woohoo!

6th Nov 2015 - 56kg
30th Oct 2015 - 56.5kg
23rd Oct 2015 - 56.5kg
16th Oct 2015 - 56kg
9th Oct 2015 - 55.9kg
2nd Oct 2015 - 56kg
25th Sep 2015 - 55.9kg
18th Sep 2015 - 56.4kg
11th Sep 2015 - 57.1kg
4th Sep 2015 - 57.8kg
28th Aug 2015 - 58kg
21st Aug 2015 - 58.8kg
14th Aug 2015 - 58.9kg
7th Aug 2015 - 59.9kg
21st July 2015 - 63kg


Diana said...

My husband suffered from severe tennis elbow a few years back so I really feel for you. The physio suggested he get some acupuncture done as this is more effective for this type of injury than anything else. He had about 5 sessions and improved remarkably. He can now preform all his usual tasks. He was very skeptical about the acupuncture to begin with but now he has seen the proof.

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Diana,
I will try acupuncture if my elbow gets worse again. I went for shockwave therapy which was very, very painful and expensive. I'll bet acupuncture hurts much less.

Chris H said...

I have MASSES of scrap fabric too... it's perfect for little applique projects. I sort them into colour coded boxes, it's fun. I'm a sad git for getting so much pleasure out of little bits of fabric!

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