Monday, April 11, 2016

I'm Listening

When my son was younger, we would sit together at the computer and listen to music. Subconsciously I wanted to influence his choice of music. I thought it would be great if we liked the same songs. We listened to country, we listened to rock, we listened to pop. I'm happy to say there are some songs both of us like and it gives me great pleasure when I catch him listening to a song I introduced to him.

Well, I don't try to introduce songs to him anymore because he grew up. Also he has developed his own interest and he likes a much wider variety and genre of music than I am capable of. Lately I've noticed the reverse is happening. My son is influencing my choice of music.

First of all, he got me listening to Chinese pop. Yep. Then there was all that orchestral music. Recently he started listening to Endless Rain by X Japan and I fell completely head over heels in love with this song. This one is the live version and it got me hooked so bad I've listened to it countless times.
In the music video, you see a shirtless Toshi, the lead vocalist. Yes, most Asian men are hairless in the upper body. Anyways, I like this live version especially because it's so chilling towards the end when the audience kept singing even when the music stopped.

I'm quite surprised I love Endless Rain. I'm not really into Japanese music. The last time I listened to anything Japanese was Chage and Aska and that was years and years ago.

Still on the subject of music... since last October till March this year, I had invested 50 hours watching a Korean period drama, Six Flying Dragons. I use the word "invested" loosely... Can you imagine how many tutorials I could have produced during those 50 hours? Anyhoos, this drama got me hooked on one particular piece of music. It's very weird, unlike K-pop. It's mostly instrumental with some aahing char-ing. It sounds like traditional Korean music. Give it a listen. Here. I'll bet your hairs will stand.

What are you listening to?


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