Friday, April 1, 2016

Weigh In Friday - Insects and Breakfast

Dear friends,

Last Friday I was supposed to write my Weigh In Friday post but I didn't. Last Friday was also my 21st wedding anniversary and how shall I put it? It wasn't a very good day for me. I think I put too much pressure on myself on birthdays and anniversaries and want the day to go smoothly that very often the day turns very ugly. So last Friday, there was quite a bit of yelling and screaming and cursing (mostly me) and therefore I was not exactly in the mood to do a Weigh In Friday. Eventually I did cool down and the whole family went to Jack's place for a lunch.

I forgot to take a photo of what I ate. Most likely steak because I've suddenly gotten a liking for steak.

Hubs can no longer give me flowers (due to pollen allergy). Instead he gave me a tiny cactus. Yay. Another living thing to take care of.

I'm glad my wedding anniversary is over because it usually means cooler days are coming. I'm dying for April rains. I'm not kidding. It's too hot to be living in this weather. How are we still alive? Our skin must have developed some extra tough coating to keep us going in Singapore.

Last two weeks I was kept unnecessarily busy due to the discovery of tiny insects, their length no more than 2mm in my home. Eventually I found the source or should I say, the nest? Millions (yes, I exaggerate) of them were living in a torn bag of flour. Crap. I had to get rid of the nest and lots of other stuff. Everything went into the rubbish chute. Yes, I bagged them properly first. After I had got rid of most of the insects, I went through all the cabinets to look for those that got away. I had to wash everything. It was so much work. One of my fingers has permanent eczema due to constant contact with soap and water. I googled to find out what these insects are and most likely they are some kind of weevils. They eat flour and although they don't suck human blood, they do irritate the skin when one lands on me. I don't know what their life span is but since I have got rid of the food source, my hope is they will disappear completely. I still see one or two now and then so I know they're still hanging around.

Anyhoos, I digressed too much. Or should I say let's stop hemming and hawing and get on with the weigh in. I'm hesitating telling you how much weight I have gained because I'm so disappointed in myself.

Yep, people. I am 59kg. I gained ONE KG in one month. I am now officially over 58kg. Remember that 58kg is my benchmark for alarm bells. To be honest with you, I actually went over 59kg some time in March. I quickly put a stop to the constant potato chips and snacks and whatnots. Thankfully my weight came down a little.

So what contributed to my weight gain? Firstly, I wish to blame my lack of exercise. I stopped running for around 4 weeks due to blisters on my foot. These weren't ordinary blisters as I had them since February. They simply would not heal. The doctor gave me an ointment with a little steroid to apply and I thought it was best to stop pounding on the blisters. Eventually the blisters healed and I started running again last week. Thank you steroid!

Secondly, I started to eat more carbs like bread and noodles.

Thirdly, my appetite grew and I snacked like nobody's watching.

So there you go. I'm getting tubbier and tubbier. I am doing something about it though and I'm really glad I have this Weigh In Friday thing to "confess" to. Firstly, I have stopped buying potato chips. They are ridiculously expensive so I'm very happy to save the money.

Recently I bought these thin corn cakes. I thought these could be a good substitute for my potato chips. They are quite tasty and most importantly, they're not sweet.

I have also cut down on Oatly chocolate milk. This one's my Achilles heel. I drink it like water. I wish I could stop drinking it but wouldn't that be cruel? (to me) Anyway, instead of Oatly chocolate milk, I make my own chocolate oat milk.

I dissolve some unsweetened coco powder in hot water and I add the original Oatly oat drink. Then I mix it up and chill it. It does not taste as good as the real Oatly chocolate milk but at least it's not loaded with sugar.

Today I actually wanted to talk about breakfast. It's my favourite meal of the day. I love it so much that if I wake up late, I still insist on a little breakfast. Why I love breakfast is that I get to eat food I enjoy most.

Most days I eat 2 pieces of biscuits. These are the 3 kinds I like best. They are made from rye. The Ryvita brand you can eat on its own but the Wasa ones, you need something to go with it otherwise it's inedible.

I usually put Nutella on my biscuits. Yum. And oh. I can't give up Nutella. I can't give up Nutella. I can't!

I'm always on the prowl for new products to try and recently I bought Finn Crisp Caraway thin rye crispbread with sourdough rye. It is HORRIBLE. Worst tasting biscuit ever. No amount of Nutella could disguise the yuckiness. I'm still eating them though. It's to remind me never to buy them again.

Sometimes I want a break from biscuits I eat my cereal with oat milk. I only have 3 kinds of cereal to choose from - quinoa, spelt or amaranth. They all taste the same - tasteless.

Nowadays I don't eat oatmeal. I think I just got tired of cooking them. Hopefully I'll want to eat oatmeal again in future. They really help keep off the weight.

These are chocolate oat cookies. They come in individual packets and are really handy as a backup food. Once in a while I forget to stock up on my biscuits and I eat 2 of these oat cookies for breakfast. They are very sweet and delicious.

I really enjoy having smoothie kind of drink in the morning. I don't make them myself. The ones from supermarkets are usually laden with sugar. This one with chia seed is quite interesting. The chia seeds are really swollen and you don't really feel the seeds when you drink the juice.

What do you eat for breakfast?


Christel Goh said...

Hey Jane, happy wedding anniversary to you and your hubs! :) Did you all go to the Jack's Place at Woodlands? -trying to be a detective- :P

And yes, I'm hoping for more rain this month!! It's been so hot recently, and apparently, March was one of the hottest months in recent years. :\

Projects By Jane said...

Thanks Christel. Yes, we went to Jack's Place at Woodlands. Sometimes we go to the one at Jem. It finally rained!!!

Anonymous said...

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