Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Last shot for Magic Bread

I felt myself falling out of crush with Alex Goh's Magic Bread but as with breaking crunches, it's a little hard to let go. I wanted to give this crush one last go. Just to see. Is it really over?

Since I am moving away from white bread, I chose to bake Rye Bread.

At first I thought rye bread meant 100% rye flour but it's only 70g rye flour with the rest (170g) being bread flour.

I used Bob's Red Mill light rye flour. I bought it at Cold Storage and there was only one kind of rye flour. In Singapore you can find white flour everywhere but rye flour? I really wonder where other bakers in Singapore go to get their "specialty" flour.

As is typical of Alex Goh's magic bread recipes, this Rye Bread uses a gelatinised dough but this time, no overnight sponge. I expected the bread to be soft on the inside. It was. The crust wasn't crusty. My rye bread tastes almost like white bread. I barely tasted the rye.

I'm afraid it is truly over. The passion for Alex Goh's soft bread is gone. It was good while it lasted and I did learn a thing or two. Now I need to seek out new (bread) thrills.


Bethany said...

There are definitely worse thrills to be had than bread thrills.

Ely said...

All of the good stuff that makes rye bread taste good was removed from the flour. It also has gluten added which makes it closer to a standard white bread texture. This is to make it more tasty, and easier to eat, for people who like the idea of a rye bread but not the real flavor or texture.

Maybe people are ordering specialty flours online??

What kind of bread/pastry is on the cover of the book? It looks yummy!!

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Ely, I found an online store in Singapore which sells rye flour, only $3.50 but the delivery fee is $20! On the cover of the book is Strawberry Cheese Bread. (the strawberry is just a garnish and not part of the bun) The topping is streusel. This is a common bun sold at bakeries in Singapore.

Ely said...

20 dollars!! Eep! Maybe the store would let you go to them and pick up in person??

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