Monday, January 9, 2017

Updated Tutorial Page

I've recently updated my Tutorials page. In case you've never known such a page existed, you can access it via the menu. Looking through it, I realised I haven't written as many tutorials as I could have considering I've been blogging since September 2007. Perhaps I should rectify that this year?

I spent some time reorganizing the tutorial page and one thing I can say with all my heart - I dislike working with table html. Ugh, phui!

My little blog crossed one million views some time ago. Since I wrote my first blog in September 2007, it sure took a long time to reach a million page views. (it probably included spam views!) I used to read this blog and it had 8 million views. And the blogger stopped blogging! Can you believe it? I will never be able to achieve 8 million views in my lifetime.

Speaking of page views, I thought it would be interesting to let you know which are my more popular posts. Obviously my bag/pouch tutes are the bestsellers but apart from these, two posts stood out. I'm very sure you're going to be surprised which two these are.
How to stitch a tatted motif to felt. I wrote this in response to Christel's comment. It beats me why people keep coming to read this post.

The other surprise hit is How to attach a PDF to your Blogger blog post.

I also wrote a series of applique related tutes. Out of these, the blanket stitch by hand and blanket stitch by machine tutes got more hits.

When I write a tute, I never know how popular it will be. Of course I hoped it would be used and referenced but you never know until you publish it. I don't want to dwell too much on my page views because it's so pathetic, right? Anyway, I hope you will use my Tutorials Page and I will try my best to keep it updated. I have written another tute and it should be published some time this week. See ya.


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