Friday, January 13, 2017

New Dress For Journey Girl Dana

Not long ago, I made a dress for my 18 inch Journey Girl Dana. This is my first time sewing anything for an 18 inch doll.

I like that there's more fabric to work with compared to say a 12 inch doll. There is less fiddling. I dislike fiddling.

Journey Girl doll tends to sit in a certain position so I made a dress which can spread out. It's a fairly simple dress - a sleeveless bodice joined to a skirt. I think it took me an hour to sew it. I didn't use any curse words. When I sew for 12 inch dolls, I swear a lot.

I used a leftover fabric and was very happy I managed to use it up! One thing I don't like about making bags and pouches is there is a lot of leftover fabric and it is usually in odd shapes and amount. I have a ton of such fabric remnants.

Unlike my bags and pouches, I'm not so anal about hiding raw edges in doll's clothing. I suppose I could have used my serger except I forgot I own one when I was sewing the dress. I used snaps for closure. I think snaps are the cleverest invention.

What do you think of this dress? Does it suit Dana?


Jane McLellan said...

Love the dress!

Chris H said...

I think the dress is adorable. The pattern is in proportion for the doll. It's lovely. I sewed dresses/clothes for my girl's Barbie dolls... NIGHTMARE JOB!

Awilda said...

love it

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