Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hey Sexy

I think I have made so many, possibly over a hundred Sexy Zippy Wristlets, it's no longer possible for me to make another one. I dug into my archives and managed to find a few made in my favourite fabric.

The Echino fabric was my favourite. Made of linen-cotten, the fabric tends to crinkle after washing and bleeds a little. The fabric was crazy expensive.

Kiyohara - a crowd favourite. I know I made one in a third colourway - puce but I couldn't find a pic. I'm currently going through a pc hard drive crisis and have lost a good number of photos.

I had this Momo fabric in two colourways and made many sexy zippies in it until I no longer found it sexy.

I only had a yard of each. It was a fun fabric. Some people found the fabric childish. I believe I do not have the ability to distinguish between cute and childish.

I bought a lot of these houses fabric because houses... I noticed customers did not like the beige/mustard as much. I wonder why?

Another 3 crazy expensive linen-cotton fabric. Love the feel of the fabric. Not everyone's cup of tea though.

Another linen-cotton blend but with very high linen%, therefore the fabric was a bit harder to sew. I've always thought this fabric would look very nice as a skirt.

I've made so many things using this houses fabric. I kept going back to the shop to buy more until it ran out. Made of cotton canvas, it's pretty easy to sew on. Despite the fairly white background, people love this fabric.

I'm not very fond of sewing black fabric and I possibly made this because people kept asking me: why don't you make more black stuff?

I think the illustration is by someone famous but I forgot who. A linen-cotton print. When I made this, I knew immediately the age group of the buyer would be 40 and above. I was right.

When Ikea stopped selling this print, I cried. The fabric is stiff and a little harder to sew on but worth the effort.

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