Thursday, December 7, 2017

Some Like It Boxy
After I wrote the Lined Zippered Boxy Pouch tutorial in January 2009, I developed an aversion to boxy pouches. It was probably due to too many people asking me for help with their boxy pouches and the questions are usually the same. I've always thought my tutorial is pretty detailed but some people don't wanna read everything...

After enough years had passed, I made a few boxy bags to sell at craft markets. I didn't go overboard and made hundreds because you know I didn't want to get sick of them. Some people asked for the pattern and after I was no longer sick of them (the boxy, not the people), I wrote the pattern - Jane's Little Boxy Bag pattern. Is it a terrible name? I cringe a bit when I see the name now...

Let's look back on the few pieces I made to sell in the past.

In my mind, I wanted customers to put their dolls in the boxy bags. But then again, how many grown-ups collect dolls and also buy my boxy bag?

This one's just darn gorgeous, isn't it?

If you want to make your own Little Boxy Bag, get the pattern here at Etsy.


Bethany said...

I loved this pattern! I used it with some black faux leather to make a "doctor's bag" for my nephew's little doctor kit.

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