Friday, December 1, 2017

One Ring Wonder Bags - Through the years

I was feeling a little bit nostalgic and went through my archives to look at how my previous One Ring Wonder bags evolved. I know I've made many. I selected a few just for fun. Most of the photos were taken pre DSLR camera days so they have this misty look.

I think this was an early version. (I can tell by looking at the bottom) I actually thought this colourway might be hard to sell but I was so wrong.

For this version, I played with the bottom - made it more boxy. I think I decided I didn't like it boxy so I only made a couple in this design.

I believe I didn't have enough fabric for the strap, thus the 2 rings instead of one.

This version is closer to the pattern I published. The bottom got slighter wider. I really like the curvy bottom.

I love this one. I forgot who this bag went to. The fabric was really tough to work with though. Very thick cotton canvas.

Interested to make your One Ring Wonder Bag? Pattern is available here.


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