Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Coil Basket

I'm always thinking of ways to reduce my supplies. I have a lot of yarn and lots of rope. Once upon a time I was obsessed over knotting. When hubs discovered I was into rope, he would occasionally come home with a new ball of rope for me. Until I had to tell him to stop because I discovered I'm not talented when it comes to knotting. So I have balls and balls of rope in my drawers.

Last year I saw some photos of coil basket on social media and I thought what a great way to get rid of my rope and yarn. You know how it is right? You see something someone made on Instagram and you think you can make it too.

A couple of days ago, I was driven berserk by the hot and humid weather and I decided I had to occupy my mind with something I've never done before. Nothing like a new craft to cool oneself down eh? I watched a few youtube videos (this, this, this and this) and got cracking.

Surprisingly there isn't a ton of literature on coil basket. It's fairly easy if you don't bother with any design. I thought I could make a giant basket to hold my rope collection. At the same time, I'm getting rid of the yarn I am no longer fond of. Win-win!

Did I mention it's hot and humid in Singapore? Not the regular all year round hot and humid but the go crazy kind. My mother calls it the makes you want to climb up the wall kind of hot. So coiling yarn round rope made my skin so itchy and you're already all sweaty and drippy. Why didn't I install air conditioning in my living room? So finally I decided maybe I won't make a giant basket. Maybe a small basket - enough to hold some odd balls of yarn.

After more coiling, my hair got itchy, my arms got itchy, some unmentionables got itchy. Despite the irritation, I managed to complete my basket.

Yup. I decided miniature felt exactly right.


Kate said...

Trying new things often makes me hot and sweaty. I don't try new things on hot, humid days. I sit quietly, enjoying a book or some simple knitting.
Cute little basket, though.

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