Thursday, November 28, 2019

Another scrap project

I've been on medication for my neck issues for 3 weeks and it has turned me into a zombie. I can sleep. Maybe too much. I have lots of dreams. In my dreams, I'm often performing some housework that involves craning my neck. I'm so glad to wrench myself awake each day because it's exhausting doing housework even in your dreams. I'm still nervous about running so I haven't tried. Anyway, the weather is bad. It keeps on raining. So that's my excuse. Meanwhile, I have a huge appetite. I keep eating or thinking about eating. I'm afraid to weigh myself. Maybe I'll destroy the weighing scale...

I made something. It's a Double Zipper Pouch. I'm only excited that I used scraps.

Edit: Sale is over
If it excites you, I have a sale in my Etsy shop. It's the last sale for 2019. 20% off all bag patterns. Ends 4th Dec. Also, if you purchase my Double Zipper Pouch/Crossbody Bag Pattern, you'll get for free my Get Up & Go Go Sling Bag Pattern.

I'm gonna search the fridge for something to eat. See ya.


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