Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bags Sold at July MAAD

I couldn't believe I survived another MAAD at Red Dot Museum. I sold 8 bags and 3 little purses. Yay!

I had 2 visitors while at the booth. My good friend, Jon came on Saturday. He didn't buy anything. Darn!

My sis-in-law came on Sunday. She's half-Korean. Just kidding. She speaks Korean and a few zillion other languages. She didn't buy anything either. Darn! But she's family so that's okay.

Below are the bags and purses I sold. Once again, thanks to those who bought bags from me! Muah! Muah! I won't be at August MAAD but I'll definitely be back for September MAAD. The next couple of weeks, I'll spend my afternoons listing bags to sell on ETSY. So look out for my next posting.


Name : Wendy said...

Hi Jane,
Is me, Wendy (the lady next door...heee). Feel so happy for you. I love the bag that I bought from you. I saw you've sold one which is black in color with the word 'Peace'. That's nice too, I love the design of the embroidery. Keep it up!


jane p said...

Hi Wendy
I'm happy you like the bag. You made my day! Muah! Muah!

Catch u at MAAD again I hope!

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