Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How About That Sunrise

I did something unusual this morning. I had to take my son to school earlier than usual because he had to take a test. We left home at 6:30am. This is the first time I set foot outside my home before sunrise which is at 7am in at least a decade. Man, it was dark. I wanted to bring a torch but my son said No. So I brought a long umbrella for protection and swung it crazily just in case. Much to my surprise, there were lots of people (some even all showered with wet hair) on their way to somewhere. A group of old ladies were practising some form of tai qi. Over here in Singapore you can't walk a hundred metres without walking into some tai qi group in action. Try and get a pilates class....(grumble, grumble)

It was too dark to go jogging so I did not wear my usual smelly arm band jogging purse. I was almost panicking over what I could use as a substitute purse when I remembered I had a treasure trove of bags which I MAKE MYSELF.

This little knot bag which I made a while ago turned out to be a brilliant choice. It could hold my phone, keys and change. I would have loved a little zippered pocket on the inside because a knot bag is meant to be swung and it's easy for the loose change to fall out.

My phone is new. My husband and I went to a spanking new shop at ION, also a spanking new shopping centre at Orchard. ION is thoughtfully separated into shops I can't afford to shop in and shops I may be able to shop in. The sales girl being new took a long time to open the phone. I think we may be her first customer because she forgot to collect money from us and later we had to go back and pay her. We forgot too, honestly. I think watching her try to open the phone was rather traumatising.

So, I added a little alien-like doll to hang on my phone. It's a Japanese faceless doll, a good luck charm. We Chinese have our own version. It's made the same manner but the Chinese doll has a face, is usually clothed in silk and has a pigtail.

E.T. phone home

Boogie woogie

I want cookie

Hmm How do I get down?

Finally, IT support from Jane!
My blogger New Post was all wrong again today. The icons were missing like before. It was impossible to do any posting. I tried all my browsers and none work. Finally I cleared the cache in Firefox and all the icons came back. Boogie woogie.


Chowz Creations said...

Absolutely love this cute little doll. I'll have to try and make one.

jane p said...

Hey Chowz Creations,
I'm doing a small tutorial for this little cutie some time in Sep '09. If u don't already know how to make one, pls come back and check it out.

Chowz Creations said...

Hi Jane - defintely will check back for the tutorial. They're so cute!

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