Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flower Pin Cushion

Today was crazy. Firstly, I find that I can't access my blog through IE. In my home, each family member is assigned one browser. My children share Fox and my husband gets G Chrome. I tried Fox and it turned out I could access but I could not get blogger to work. Finally only G Chrome works. I was so relieved I almost cried. I really don't know how I managed to stay a programmer in the past!

Well, am glad it's all good now. I am one of those people who are't neat. Especially when I sew. My sewing table is horrifying. I don't even have a proper pin cushion even though I sew a lot. I had been using make shift pin cushions like tying a rubber band over a gauze ball of stuffing only to find my needles disappear. Or I would stick my needles into scrap pieces of fabric. Which work only as long as I remember which scrap pieces I left the needles in.

Needle in a hay stack?

Yesterday, I knew I was in trouble when my girl showed me a needle she had found on the floor. I felt so guilty that I immediately decided to make myself a decent pin cushion. I figure the old pin cushions didn't work because they didn't look good.

Mt Everest?

Doesn't the flower pin cushion look good? It's completely hand sewn. Hand sewing works better for small items. If you would like to make something similar for yourself, check out Poppy A.


meg dunley said...

Love it! I know exactly what you have been going through with IE...only I don't know nearly as much about computers...I feel like I have just jumped up to have achieved a degree in the last 2 weeks (and all my computer geek friends all roll their eyes & laugh that I said "yes" to upload IE8...OK I know now...I now have firefox) I can speak geek too... I love your pin cushion - maybe that's why I have pins on the floor

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