Friday, July 31, 2009

New Top Zippered Shoulder Bags

In the past, when you book an overseas tour with a travel agency in Singapore, they would give you a free bag. The bag is frequently the same shape much like the ones I just made. I no longer have any of those free travel bags. Is there a name for the bags I made?

I used my heart with wings motif. I made it very big.

This one's so cheerful, isn't it? The handles are standing up on its own. Gravity defying! See the alien doll charm?

As always, my bags are completely lined without any visible raw seams.
Now available on projectsbyjane Etsy.

fyi, some Singapore bloggers are still struggling with posting on blogger. It took me many tries before I managed to post.


Sandra :) said...

Very pretty bags - I don't know if they have a specific name, but I would call it a curved top tote :)

Maka said...

Hi Jane, love your bags, so neatly sewn. Your tutorials should be called "projects for dummies" - very clear. I struggle to understand how to insert a zip in a top zippered bag like this one. Would you mind giving me a hand...maybe a quick "how to".

jane p said...

Hi Maka, the zippers are sewn to gussets. The circumference of the gussets must equal the perimeter of the front/back. I still struggle with such bags as they are incredibly hard to make. In my next post or one after, I'll show a photo of a bag I'm making now. Hopefully that will help you along.

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