Monday, August 3, 2009

Red embroidered Shoulder Bag

Now available on my Etsy.

I finally made a bag using the embroidery I had sewn a couple of weeks ago.

The outer fabric has a rustic texture and for some reason it reminded me of the days when I used to work in a building which used to be a British army barrack. The buildings were really old and it was up this slope and time stood still on these grounds. Surrounding the area was forested vegetation - non-stop sounds of insects. There were monkeys, squirrels, little dragons (chameleons?) and once a monkey entered my building and I dared not enter until a colleague came along and escorted me in. Some of the old barracks were rented out to furniture shops and they would leave the wooden furniture out under the sun all day without fear of theft!

I guess this bag was inspired by my memory of that place. Nature and wooden rings. So perfect.

Sadly, the old place has had a makeover and become hip with food and beverages places. Oh, what would the monkeys and squirrels say?


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