Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pleated Shoulder Bag

This is a bag that I made backwards. First of all, I had an odd amount of fabric left which didn't qualify for scraps yet after making the recessed zipper shoulder bag. Most of the fabric was cross wise so I had to make a broad bag. So I thought a pleated bag would do the trick. It was! I even had enough for a nice bottom gusset. It was a little tough working backwards and I needed to work out the sums before I started cutting. Usually I just wing it. Certainly this experience has taught me that doing your sums before you start has its payoff. For one thing, with all that planning, there are no surprises. It's also more productive. And you can keep the measurements to make another bag.

I think pleats are so sexy.


Gingini said...

So do I! :D A very cute and sexy bag! I think I make one myself. ;)

jane p said...

Hey Gingini, if you upload it to your flickr, I'll be able to see it. :D

Anonymous said...

Your bags are always so gorgeous. I especially love this one! Some day I'll have to venture into bag-making myself. But there are so many other projects on my list. lol

Elena said...

This is so cute! I love pleats, too. What fabric is this?

jane p said...

Hi Creative Dilettante
Thanks. I'd love to make your elephant softie too. :D
Hi Elena
You have lots of fabric on your site! The fabric I used is 100% cotton from Ikea. :)

Gingini said...

Aaah! No time this week or the next. After that, maybe I can smuggle one in! ;)

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