Monday, August 10, 2009

Peace Loving Shoulder Bag

Yesterday was Singapore's 44th National Day. Yes, Singapore is a young country. This year we did not hang the State flag because it was dirty and we were too cheap to get another one. Flag hanging in weeks before and after National Day is a national obsession here. Remembering to take down your flags is something some folks forget to do and months after National Day, there will always be a forgotten flag here and there and my kids and I make a game out of spotting one.

My bag has nothing to do with National Day. No, I'm not gonna make a red and white bag. (colours of Singapore's flag) But it's sort of relevant. So once again, I did a peace symbol applique. You would think I'd get over the peace symbol. I mean, I've used it over and over again. But no!

I had leftover green camouflage fabric. How much did I buy man?

I quilted the bag all over and it resulted in a thickness which is not home sewing machine friendly. I busted a few needles. I did the zipper in a new way. I left the ends unsewn but tucked into fabric tabs. They are then tucked in neatly into the bag. I used continuous zipper so it's not too hard to do. I imagine using a dress zipper would be tricky.

I've booked my slot for September MAAD (Market for Artists and Designers) at the Red Dot Design Museum. So this bag will be on sale there.

A lot of work went into this baby.


Sandra :) said...

Jane that's a great bag - the peace symbol is perfect, lol. Have you tried using a jeans needle when working on heavier fabrics? It plows through them like butter! A size 16 needle should work as well :) I keep a stash of the heavier weight needles around for those times when a project just wants to eat needles!

jane p said...

Hi Sandra with a smile,
It's nice to see u here. I ran out of jeans so I used size 16. Busted. I think I need to sew slower. :D

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