Thursday, August 13, 2009

Help! My Corduroy Is Trying To Get Away From Me

I'm not very good when it comes to buying fabric. I usually learn my lesson the hard way. Take this corduroy I bought some time ago. I was looking for something retro and the print appealed to me. That I had never sewn corduroy didn't deter me. I didn't even buy just enough for one little bag. I bought enough for many little bags.

This was the first bag I made with the fabric. And I had to choose a really large bag to start with. Where do I begin? Cutting the fabric was just the start of the nightmare. Corduroy has ridges and the texture is slippery and lastly it has something called nap. (not associated with sleep)

Then try sewing. Corduroy runs away from you. And it keeps doing it again and again. There's no let up. It took me a long time before I completed the bag.

Memories of the nightmare finally faded and I thought I should try and use up more of the fabric. This time I chose a relatively easy bag to make. This is really a glorified drawstring pouch. I added the handles and now it's a bag. Fyi, the corduroy still tries to get away from me. I just sewed very, very slowly.

There's still some fabric left. I think I'll wait a couple of months. Sigh.


Chowz Creations said...

Great bags and very pretty fabric. I haven't tried corduroy yet - thanks to your warning, I believe I will avoid it too! =)

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