Friday, August 14, 2009

Once There Was A Small Piece of Leftover Fabric

This bag started when I had some leftover fabric from making a bag for viv. I did not want to do another crazy quilted bag but I liked the idea of using the black gingham with the black and white print. I hand quilted little running stitches all over the black and white print. That was good. Then it went out of control. I added and added different fabric and in the end, I used 4 different kinds of fabric on this one little bag which grew into a giant. I had to buy more black gingham too as I had run out to make a decent length strap. You can't see the back but it's black and I hand quilted little running stitches like rain.

Now I have leftover black gingham and the lining which is a very nice grey which I specifically bought for this leech of a bag. What do other people do with their leftover fabric?

This bag's going to my September MAAD at the Red Dot Design Museum on 5th and 6th Sept.


Sandra :) said...

What a fantastic bag - I love gingham - that black with the black print is a gorgeous combination!

You could make a couple of little bags to go with the "leech" (lol) - a zipper bag for make-up, and maybe a fabric wallet ... or lipstick cozy ... a yoyo for embellishing ... notebook cover ... key chain ... all kinds of little goodies that could go inside the tote!

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