Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Born Again

I have been to the dentist and after 1/2 hour of deep root cleaning or torture, I'm born again. Although I'm not completely healed yet, I feel 1000 times better. I shall spare you all the gruesome details. Just one thing. Am I the only adult to cry on the dentist chair? And this is while the dentist is working away.

With renewed energy, I've embarked on a series of bags of the same fabric. This is just a nice way of saying I don't want any left over fabric. The common thread is bands. Yes, I'm getting all worked up over bands. I'm putting it on every bag from now on. Okay, maybe just the next three.

I've always said I like my bags to be simple in structure. But from a construction point of view, my bags are hard to sew. For one thing, I usually use bottom gusset and I sew the zippers separately and attach them only when I join the outer and inner fabric. All that is a lot of work but I think the result is worth it.

Check out the curves.

A peek inside.

This bag is slated for sale at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore from 5th to 6th September 2009.


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