Sunday, January 3, 2010

January MAAD 2010 Post-Mortem

Dear Internet Folks

Be careful what you wish for. You never know. It might just come true.

Remember I had been kinda wishing I could sell at MAAD every month this year? Well, today, there was an announcement that the rental fees for selling at red dot design has been restructured. In order words, it's gonna cost more. Currently, the fees are $80 for 2 days. From next month, if I did not hear wrongly, it would be:
ad-hoc basis - $180 for 2 days
3 straight months - $120 for 2 days
6 straight months - $90 for 2 days

Oh, me and my big mouth! Next time, I'm wishing for gold bars.
This increase is in a way forcing me to take stock and make a decision. Do I want to carry on being wishy washy, selling whenever I feel like it? Or do I want to make a commitment, financially and schedule wise to really make this work? Or do I get out of this biz totally?

So many questions and decisions I have to make. I cannot believe it's only the 3rd day of the new year.

Today I started to doubt myself again. First of all, there was a sharp decrease in the number of sellers. Then the traffic was really low. Lastly, I did not sell out all my new items.

And the sales figures...9 bags including 2 small purses. I was hoping to come home feeling like a rock star. Alas, I feel like a washed out hasbeen! Do I have any strategy? What's my strength? What are my goals? I think I need to stop thinking for a while.

Some highlights.......

This is Kimmy with her new Over Pleated Shoulder Bag. I custom made it for her. Such a sweet adorable girl. I wanted to carry her!

Finally sold this baby to Rachel.

Christin bought my new bell-bottomed bag and a little drawstring pouch. That's my girl in the photo.

This is my Leftover Bag. I had a teensy amount of green striped fabric left, most of it vertical stripes with a little horizontal stripes. (I know it doesn't make sense because you are probably thinking the stripes can be either way. It's just that I'm very strict when it comes to following the grain line.) I sold this bag to a waif like model looking girl who liked the rabbit more than the bag.

My Traveller Cross Body Bag went to Melissa. For being so game, here are 4 pics for your photo album, Melissa.

Coming to a theatre near you, "The MothWoman's HairBands"

Me and Mandy.
Goodnight and sweet dreams.


Melissa said...

I love my new bag! You do beautiful work! Look forward to seeing you at the next MAAD!

Forest Flame said...

If you seriously want to build a home-based business, a 6-months commitment makes sense. But MAAD has not made any official announcement via their website or blog, so it could mean that they are also waiting for stallholders' response. You may want to wait a while to see if there's any change in rental policy.

jane p said...

Where have you been all my life?
See you soon.

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