Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Polka Dotted Pouch For Jamie

I made this pouch for my sister-in-law yesterday. Her brief was simple: a little pouch to put her wallet and a few other stuff.

I used a black and white gingham for the lining for a playfulness effect. You can see it peeking out.

Plenty of room inside.

I wanted the pouch to have an interesting bottom so I made the base rectangular - almost a square. Can you see that when the drawstrings are tightened, you will get 4 pointy angles? If this pouch were a girl, just think of her with a pouty silhouette.


tamdoll said...

My favorite colors, black & white with a red wallet!
It seems like you have a lot of fun designing and making your bags, too.

Creative, Inspirational said...

This pouch is pretty ! My favourite colours, B&W. :)

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