Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LoveBirds and Some Madness

This is my LoveBirds Bag for Valentine's Day which will also fall on the first day of Chinese New Year. Yes, the Chinese are very stubborn people. We cling on to our Chinese calendar. What does this mean for Chinese folks? I think it's going to be a very expensive Valentine's Day meal as most restaurants are closed.

My husband and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day. Throughout the year, he comes home bearing discarded cartons, cardboards, boxes and tins as gifts. I have this thing for containers and I can just picture him rummaging through the trash cans looking for goodies for me. This, my dear folks is true love. Ok, ok, I believe he only went through the trash can just once. Anyway, that's why we don't celebrate Velentine's Day.

The embroidery is done in chain stitch. I like that chain stitches have a raised appearance. I'm liking chain stitches more and more. The green fabric I used for the bag is quite unusual as it has a rather gauze like texture. I used soft batting for support. I'm quite anti iron-on interface.

While making this bag, I was in my withdraw-from-my-medication program. I have a condition called myofascial pain syndrome. I take medication daily in order to lead a normal life. Although I can continue to take the medication for life, I am rather unwilling to shall I say, surrender? My intention was to live with the pain and manage it through other relaxation methods. This is my third try to stop the medication. This time round, I surrendered after 10 days. This is my worst performance. The first 2 times, I lasted 1 month. I am very disappointed in myself. My husband who has been through my pain many times is more disappointed. I forget it's not just me who suffers. But to be honest, when I decided to go back on the medication, I was only thinking of myself.

Myofascial pain is so overwhelming it squeezes the life out of you. I'm not even sure if it's humanly possible to live a normal life without medication. So why do I keep on trying to stop? Still I'm grateful that at least I have a drug that works for my problem and 2 doctors who care for me.

Just look at the back of the bag. I was trying to keep my mind focused on sewing to distract myself from my pain and I think I went a little nutty. The intention was to sew some crosses to represent the stars in the sky, you know, as in there's love, there's stars..Am I right?

Lastly, remember the passport cover I made for Viv? I am accepting orders for customised passport covers. I'm afraid I can't make the same one I did for Viv because that one's for her. If you are adventurous, check it out here at Etsy.

See you soon.


Dee said...

cute bag and I love the back too.
are the side effects of the medication tough to live with?

esther said...

you are really strong. keep going! i love the bag. i like this the most out of all your embroidery:) i guess i just have a thing for birds.i tink this pattern will look great on a cushion :)

jane p said...

Thank you Dee! According to my docs, I'm very lucky because unlike most people, I do not suffer from any side effects other than sleepiness but that's nothing compared to others who suffer from dizziness, headaches, nausea... I'm very thankful but such a big baby!

jane p said...

esther, thank you for your kind words. I'm not into cushions but you could be right!

*Tea said...

i LOOOOOVE that bag! What a wonderful idea to even stich on the back! It indeed looks like a thousand stars you catched for us! Beautiful!

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