Monday, January 18, 2010

The K Shanmugam Smile

For over a month I had been looking forward to Mr K Shanmugam's visit to the little village where I live. For those who have no idea who he is, well, he's Singapore's Minister for Law and methinks a potential future member of parliament of my constituency. (fingers crossed)

So, why all the excitement? Well, it started with the banner of him being hung all over my village and it had a picture of him and if you don't know the guy, let me tell you. He has the most angelic smile. I grew so obsessed with the smile that occasionally, I would ask my girl to give me the "K Shanmugam" smile. Sometimes she obliged, sometimes she told me to get lost. Ok, not in those exact words.

The scheduled visit was on 17th Jan Sunday around 10:30am. Of course I woke up late! (I slept at 4am because I was busy watching TV) In fact the emcee at the event woke me up with his loud voice. I raced down to the event area only to realise all the seats were taken up so I had to perch my bum on a railing to have a good view.

See how packed it is?
Unknown to me, my husband had already taken a photo of Mr K.  (He's the one in white) He knew I was sleeping and wanted to take some photos for me. Good shot!

My husband spotted me on the railing and passed the camera to me. Then he went home. I guess he's not a law minister groupie like me! I waited and waited and it seems the guy kept moving further and further away from me. Suddenly Mr K was right in front of me! I couldn't believe it! I had gunk in my eyes and I look horrible when I wake up. I was dressed in my too-small grey Roots T-shirt and very loud pink short shorts! Not that anyone cared how I looked.

See how he's shaking the girl's hand but looking at me with that big ol' smile? Right after I took this shot, he shook my hands! He shook my hands! I'm truly a law minister groupie. After the earth shattering handshake I decided to join the party and followed the gang wherever they went.

This is at the Wii station. I didn't understand why this was part of the visit. We never saw this in my village before. Must be a special thing for Mr K.
I don't know who the people waving flags were but they were waiting at this station specifically for the photoshoot. As a reward, they got a souvenir.
I forget which station this was, maybe the recycling? I did not understand the purpose of the recycling station. In "real life", the recycling bins reek and I never put anything in them because the scavengers will come and make a mess. However a recycling lorry comes once a fortnight and I leave my newspapers, cardboxes and clothing at my door and it gets collected. Super easy.

This is as far as I went. I got hungry and went home to eat.

I enjoyed Mr K's visit a lot. Apart from the smile, he looks nice and humble and I would vote for him if he stands for election in my village. Ok, ok, I don't live in a village. It's an ordinary HDB estate.

My estate benefitted a lot prior to the visit. I saw the cleaners unwrapping new waste bins! Seriously. The area where the event took place was spruced up. I mean repainting, re-cementing and the folks in charge removed slippery tiles which were death traps on rainy days replacing them with non-slip cement. I wonder what it would take for the folks in charge to remove the rest of the slippery tiles? (it's a lot) Maybe the Prime Minister ought to pay a visit!

Gosh, this blog is not meant to be a place for me to talk on and on about my groupie experience. So I shall end with something relevant.
I finally passed the passport cover to Vivi. She's very shy so I can only show bits of her. And yes, she likes it. Goodnight everyone and sweet dreams.


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