Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2 New Crossbody Bags

I had some remnants from the ricco-ricco Houses fabric which I'd been meaning to turn into a bag for quite some time. The amount of fabric I had was not much to work with. I did not want to just make a rectangular tote because I thought it would look boring? Basically, I had 2 pieces of fabric, 1 with a smaller width. So I thought I would turn the smaller width fabric into a flap. And that's what I did. You could say, it started with a flap.
Check out the book
Out of thousands of books at the library, my girl picked this book!

Another crossbody bag I had in mind for a while now is this houndstooth version.
This bag closes with a top zipper. This is the first time I've constructed a bag this way. The top zip is connected to the side gusset which is also where the handle emerges. It took me some time to figure out how to hide the raw seams on the inside.
Inside - no raw seams
Guess what's inside?
My new cushion I won in a giveaway!
See you in my next post!


by night said...

I am super amazed by the second bag. It looks soooo pro!!! (which doesn't mean the other ones don't ;-) but that fort a first attempt, it is a successful one)

Sarah@PingsAndNeedles said...

lovely crossover bag Jane! I laughed out loud when I saw my cushion in there! So pleased you like it !

Kandi said...

That cross body bag is great, I'm always impressed that you made the bag fit the fabric, if I don't have a pattern for bags I am lost!
Kandi x

Ellen said...

Hi Jane,

I have been following your blog. Love all your bags especially the one above. Love the fabric, is the bag still available for sale?


jane p said...

Thank you for your interest in my bag. Someone else has already expressed interest in the Houses crossbody bag. Technically, it isn't sold yet but I have to let this other lady have a go at it first. Please email me so I can contact you later.

Dee said...

both of the bags look great. you have a lot of skill with your bag making.
your daughter's school doesn't sound very welcoming. Do the schools all have security guards? Is it to protect the children, the buildings or both?

Speckled Hen said...

Hello Jane, I love love your house bag. I have just read this post - my internet connection was down. Has this bag been sold, if not I would like to buy it please.

jane p said...

@speckled hen
Ah yes, the Houses bag is very popular. I'm afraid it's already sold. Next week I will see if the fabric is still available at the shop and if it is, I'll buy some and I'll make a couple more bags with the fabric. Please email me so I can contact you. I have a waiting list for my next Houses bag. You're No. 2 if you're still keen. :)

Jane P

tamdoll said...

These bags are great! I was trying to come up with a flap bag where it was attached to the body and it was a disaster. Do you ever have problem bags? I'm deciding if I should cut it up or try to use it myself now.

antmee said...

Congrats on two fabulous bags! I am not surprised that houses fabric is popular as you have made some awesome bags with it.

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