Friday, November 5, 2010

Houses Crossbody Bag


Looks like my peanut butter with bananas sandwich in the morning has turned me into a new person. I made another bag! That on top of watching all my favourite TV shows - Law & Order LA, Law & Order SVU, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, America's Next Top Model and 30 Rock.
Yep, I used my cotton canvas ricco-ricco fabric by Kiyohara again. I really like the idea of using up all my print fabric because I don't like having fabric remnants lying around. It's okay to have solids remnants because these could be used again in other bags. But some prints are not as easy to mix and match. I was hoping to use up most of the ricco-ricco fabric but looks like there's room for another smallish bag.
Velcro is my least favourite closure but this is the kind of bag that's suitable for velcro. Besides, I actually have the right shade of velcro! While making the bag, I felt that it was a pity I did not have enough fabric to make the bag deeper. My instinct is often to make as deep a bag as I could possibly get away with. But looking at the finished product, I'm rather happy I didn't make it too deep.

This is my last bag for the week. This weekend I'll be selling my bags at MAAD in Singapore. Details below. Next week, I'm attempting some new bags plus my MAAD post-mortem. So see you again.

Program at November MAAD 2010
✐ OIC Portrait Day
Bring your friends and join OIC for a portrait or two.
Get your unique fun portrait drawn in a cool place by the artists from OIC.
Every piece is unique! Simply pose for 20 minutes, and you get to choose and purchase your portraits at $10 each.
date: 6 Nov (Sat, 2-7pm)
✄ ✕ ✐ Arts & Crafts Therapy @ MAAD

✐ TenBuckTherapy- My F/W '10 Brolly
Gear up for year end watery season, make it a special piece of accessories to go with your F/W styling!
date: 6 & 7 Nov (Sat & Sun, 1-6pm)
fee: $10 per pax (canvas & material included)

✄ Soft toy making workshop by Roomism
Learn how to make your own soft toy from Nana representing Roomism.
date: 6 Nov (Sat, 3-6pm)
fee: $40 per pax (tools & material included)
enquiry & registration:

✐ Silver clay workshop by Roomism
Design, hand mould, baked, polish and varnish a ONE AND ONLY silver pendant for yourself or your love one.
It's all about effort, thought and time spent.

date: 7 Nov (Sun, 12-4pm)
time: 12m-5.30pm (Introduction, demonstration, design,mold, firing, polishing & varnish)
fees: $80 per pax (tools & material included)
enquiry & registration:

6 & 7 Nov (Sat & Sun)
red dot design museum
28, Maxwell Rd
(MRT: Tanjong Pagar station)
tel:6534 7209


Kandi said...

That bag is fab, I think you are right much deeper and it might not have been as effective, I bet this one sells this weekend - lots of luck! p.s. I looovveee Big Bang Theory too.
Kandi x

Micki said...

I love that bag is just so cute! I never saw fabric like that.

antmee said...

Another winner! That fabric is divine and would most likely turn any bag pattern into a stunning bag! Or it could be your talents!

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