Thursday, November 18, 2010

Batik Gold

Some time ago, I wanted to go to Quilts and Friends because it had moved to a new location and I wanted to take a look at its Olympus Kofu fabric. I've never used Olympus Kofu fabric before but I've heard of it and a fabric seller had once shown me a bag made out of the fabric and it looked fabulous. So when I received the newsletter that some Olympus Kofu fabric had arrived, I wanted to get me some.

I'm someone who doesn't have a good sense of direction but since Googlemap was invented, I have no fear of getting lost. Then I discovered the only way to get to the new location which is in a industrial building is by public bus. Now, I have a fear of taking the public bus for unfamiliar route because chances are the driver can't help you. But I dislike taking taxis more so I bravely took the bus after consulting the public bus online system which plots every single bus stop. Gosh, how did we ever live without the internet?

Everything went well. I alighted at the correct bus-stop. I managed to get to the building safely even though it's right smack between 2 weird and terribly busy roads. I found the shop without taking the wrong lift. The shop is quite lovely. Location's not so lovely but never mind. Anyhoo, I found the Olympus Kofu and asked for the price. Wait for it - $52 per metre!!! What? One metre? Not the whole thing? I quickly asked for something cheaper. But the fabric was lovely. So soft and beautiful.

And so I looked at the cheaper stuff. And when I saw the batik fat quarters, I snapped it up. I mean after $52 per metre, everything else was cheaper!
Batik Gold Perfect Size Lunchtime Pouch
I made these perfect size lunchtime pouches with the batik. Not that I'm short of these pouches. They didn't sell out like I'd expected. But since I'm selling at The Perankan Museum this Saturday, I wanted to make some items using batik. Fyi, peranakans wear batik outfits.

Lastly, people often ask me for my catalog. Well, it's time I have a catalog so I'm keeping a catalog of my current stock at I've created a link called My Catalog at the top side-bar. Yes, now you can see how pathetic my stock level is. hahahaha

This is where I'll be this Sat. See ya.
Venue: The Peranakan Museum
Date: 20th November, Saturday
Time: 6pm to 10pm


antmee said...

Can I ask you a question? Ok well here it is. "Why don't you put everything not sold at market on etsy? I dont have an etsy shop so may be a bit in the dark about potential difficulties. Is etsy not working for you?

Love the batik pouches! Good luck with sales.

Micki said...

The batiks were perfect for the pouches!

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