Monday, November 22, 2010

The Magic Of The Night 20th November 2010 Post-Mortem

Hey you,

On Saturday, me hubs, my girl and I took a taxi to The Peranakan Museum as I had a table at the Art Mart. It was my first visit to the museum. I had heard of the museum but never had any inclination to visit because I'm not the arty type. My girl had been to the museum because her school is the kind that gives kids a holistic education. That usually means lots of excursions.

We arrived at 4pm to set up my wares. Me hubs just came to look-see and left for work. I was glad my girl came along because the table is outside the museum on a public pavement. That means I need a pair of eyes on my goods at all times. Yes, I'm terrified of being shoplifted. I can just imagine some thieves discussing, "Oh, let's go rob that handmad bag lady. I'll grab the drawstring pouches while you grab the sports bag inspired bags." hahahahaha.

No, I needn't have worried because as it turned out, nobody really cared to look at my bags. Sure I got the usual poke-poke-poke, point-point-point kind of crowd. A few demanded for the prices and wrinkled their noses. Don't worry. I'm used to this kind of treatment. You gotta have thick-skin to sell! So you've guessed it. Sales was abysmal. What, don't know the meaning? I only have 1 thing to say. Google is your friend.Anyway, I sold a couple of bags. I'm beginning to realise I can't make any sales after 6pm. In most of the places I've sold at, my sales would dry up around 5pm. So what this means is I am a daytime bag seller!!!

Actually the night didn't turn out too bad. It had stopped raining and the pavement was dry. I got to spend "alone" time with my girl which I realize we hardly do anymore. We had free ice-cream.
Cup ice-cream
I skipped the candy floss because I'm trying to lose weight. But it didn't work because I ended up ordering KFC and me and my girl ate cheesy BBQ melt under the stars. (I ate most of it)
My girl got a free tote. She's not too impressed because her mom makes bags!!! We skipped the tattoo because I was going for the "bad girl" look but it looks glittery. My girl skipped the magic show because she didn't want to go alone. I'm surprised because she's such a fan of magician's secrets.

I did make 2 more items since my last post. It was midnight when I took the pics so the image quality is not so good.
These are really zip pouches disguised as handbags. Nope, they didn't sell. I used the MoMo fabric again.
Btw, I sold my houses sports bag inspired bag. So I'm officially out of any houses fabric bag. I felt a little bad selling this bag because someone had requested to view it but due to bad timing, it was not done.

On the way home in the taxi, we saw the Christmas light-up along Orchard Road. It looks much better than the shaky photo I took.

On Thursday and Friday, I will experience selling at a new venue. More in my next post. Good nite.


Chris H said...

What a shame sales were dismal. Better luck next time eh? *smiles*

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