Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Great Singapore Sale Loot

Hello ladies and gent,

Every year for about 2 months there's a Great Singapore Sale. This year's sale is from 27th May to 24th July. Most shops and department stores give huge discounts and it's almost silly not to shop.

End May I had already picked up some fabric using a 25% discount coupon (including sales items). I'm so ashamed to show you the fabric so I'm hiding them in my storeroom for the moment.

Last weekend I chanced upon a baazar where I spotted 3 wooden boxes on sale. It was 50% off! Unbelievable, right? It turned out the 3 wooden boxes were the ones I had been eyeing for a while. The shop owner had used the baazar to promote some of his items. You see, since early this year I had wanted to buy these 3 wooden boxes but the price was way too high for me. I kept waiting for a sale. So yes, from time to time I would nip into the shop and check out the price. I cannot describe to you my excitement when I saw the 50% discount. I swear my hands trembled.

Did I say wooden boxes? They look more like treasure chests! I can't explain why I like boxes and containers.

This is papa chest.

And baby chest fits into mama chest!

Baby chest is the cutest.

After buying the chests, I walked past another shop which sold flip flops. Buy 1 get 1 free! OMG!

I like these flip flops but they are too expensive for me. But 2 for the price of 1 works for me. So me and my girl got a pair each. Alas, my dream of sharing footwear with my girl is no longer possible. Her size is 1 larger than mine.

Here you go. A shot of me toes. One question: Why do jeans manufacturer always make jeans long enough for women with impossibly long legs? I'm only 166cm (5 ft 4 inches) tall and I always have to fold up my jeans twice. How do shorter women cope? Fold 3X?

This is a hat box, I think. No, I didn't buy it. Me hubs brought it home from work. And he didn't fish it out of the garbage bin. It's a gift from Sylvia! You know, one day when I start exhibiting signs of a hoarder, I hope someone has the good sense to take me to a doctor.

Okay, this sign has nothing to do with my blog. It's just a pic I took when I was out shopping. It's an ad for a massage. What I really want to tell you about is my new obsession - Pinterest. Do you guys have an account in Pinterest? I had heard about it a while ago but did not get an account until about a week ago. And yes, this pic of a relaxed baby is now in my Pinterest. Psst. I hope my baby pic doesn't get deleted because it's a no nudity policy at Pinterest.

Anyhoo, like every social media, there's a follow and if you wanna follow me, go here. You do need an account first. Click here for an invite.

Previously, I used to store my photos in flickr. But I've hit my limit and I'm too cheap to go pro. I tried picasa but it's horrid. I got a tumblr account but it wasn't quite what I wanted. As long as Pinterest stays free, I think I'll stick with it.

Pinterest is basically like a pinboard where you can stick photos you like according to categories. The great thing about pinning here is you can pick photos which do not belong to you and put them in your category. When you pin, you can do it from a web page, etsy shop or your computer. The source url is captured automatically. Isn't that great? For me, pinterest might just become a PICTORIAL BOOKMARK. It's like a dream come true for me.

Right now, I mostly pin images which belong to me. I've pinned a few images from other bloggers but only of their tutorials. If I know bloggers, they would not mind if you link to them via images of their tutes. I have also linked to a few sales sites but mainly to remember where I could obtain the items. So far that's pretty safe but I'm really not too sure about  laws or etiquette  regarding pinning images which don't belong to me. Say, I see a pic of a bag blogger A has made and it's not for a tutorial. And I credit blogger A by leaving the link back to her, can I pin it without asking for permission?  Any ideas?

Still interested in Pinterest? Click here for an intro.

I've only been pinning (crazily) for a few days now and I've learnt a few things:
1. You need a pinboard (category) to pin. You can't let the image "float". This is a feature I like about flickr.
2. If you pin from your shop listing, e.g. etsy shop listing, once the item gets sold, etsy changes the url. This means the url link captured previously becomes dead.
3. If you pin from your blog, be sure to pin from a specific post and not from the home page. What you want to capture is the permalink.

Happy shopping and pinning!


Bethany said...

Those boxes are awesome!!!!
I love little treasure chests like that. I always wanted one when I was younger...not sure what my treasures would have Care Bear figurines? My twistable crayons? My Judy Blume books? I guess we'll never know.

Chris H said...

The boxes are just gorgeous..... I don't blame you for wanting them.
We call flip-flops Jandals here!

Blu said...

Oh those boxes are just incredible! I'm so jealous!

Carolyn said...

The boxes are just gorgeous.

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Miranda said...

Way to go on your great finds! I tried to leave you an Owl link the other day but blogger was being impossible.
There are some creepy things on there :) Check it out for owl-y things.

tamdoll said...

Fun shopping day! I have a few boxes just like those, over the years I've picked them here and there and stash them around my house - one day I will take a picture and put them up on flickr. I haven't tried pinterest except to look at what others have put up - I'm afraid to join anything else online and get sucked into more time wasting.

Do jeans come in different lengths where you live? One of my daughters has to by them "short" and my other daughter and myself usually buy them "long" - there's also regular in the stores. I have noticed though that "long" has gotten much, much longer - and now I have to hem or fold my pants which is kind of freaky. Or maybe I'm just shrinking. I can't shrink. My 14 year old is about 5'7" now & I have to stay taller than her!! I will be wearing high heels a lot I think.

Alex said...

Hi Jane,

I know this post is quite old now, but I am looking to buy a treasure chest for my son's birthday, so I'm wondering if you remember the name and/or location of the shop which sold the chests?

Thanks in advance,


Projects By Jane said...

Hi Alex,
I don't remember the name or unit of the shop but I can give you a rough idea where it is. It's in the basement of Orchard Central - same level as the underground tunnel that leads to Centrepoint. I believe the shop is quite close to the underground tunnel. The shop usually sells jewellery boxes but occasionally sells these wooden boxes. I don't know if the shop is still there or if it still sells the wooden boxes. Good luck.

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