Thursday, June 16, 2011

How To Kill A Computer Table, Ah?

Hey folks,

This morning I woke up and this is what I saw.

Yes, it seems one monitor is not enough. Now we have dual monitors! Me hubs made it happen in the dead of the night. How totally spoilt can I be? In case you're wondering, I'm still totally mesmerized by my big TV monitor. While writing this blog post on the smaller monitor, I'm also watching a music video on the large monitor. And of course I keep exclaiming to no one in particular:
My god! It's so clear. It's so sharp. I can see everything!
It's insane.

You know how I was hoping to "retire" my rescued-from-dumpster-computer-table? Looks like my dream is fading fast. Me hubs cleverly arranged the monitors so they are perfect for my frail neck.

So, my friends. How do I kill a computer table? Any ideas would be great. Remember it has to look like an accidental death.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jane,

Hilarious! I'm afraid an "accidental death" will not be a good idea as your hub will make it an inspiration for his next article! Perhaps "blackmail" him by continuing to bury his towel until he gets you a new table :) You both write such funny stuff that really tickles me! Sue (now relocated to Melbourne)

xiaofu said...

Say u wanna clean it... Carry to toilet, clean it nicely and while coming out with it, OOPS... hands slippery!!! Will be more convincing with tears brimming in eyes... That's how my mum did it, with a vase that was in the way for way too long! ^_^ Now I am waiting for some miracle to happen again to the other vase which I find an eyesore. *_*

Chris H said...

Sadly if you took to the table 'accidentally' with your leg lets say... you could damage those awesome monitors!
So how about just getting a new computer desk and tell Hubby it was on SALE and you simply could not resist it!

And like, where is there room for a drink and biscuit on that computer desk I ask YOU???

tamdoll said...

I was thinking what Chris said, the monitors would take the hit!

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