Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who Ya Gonna Call?

My dear readers,

If there's something weird
and it don't look good
Who ya gonna call?

So are we all in agreement? If there are ghosts in your home, you call the Ghostbusters. (not that I'm necessarily saying I believe in the existence of ghosts)

Now, the question on my mind is. Who do you call when you find a war relic aka BOMB in your backyard?

More than a week ago, a manager in Singapore found out the hard way. He called the police. As would I. I have watched plenty of American TV police. You always call the police because the police will take care of stuff.

However, unknown to the poor manager and majority of Singaporeans, he forgot to check if he was on private or public property before he made that call. Because as reported here, "he was told by the police that authorities would not help get rid of the relic since it was found on private property." However, the police did give him the contact of specialists who could remove the war relic aka BOMB for a fee. After the manager failed to hire the specialists, the police finally stepped in to bring in Singapore Armed Forces' Chemical Biological Radiological and Explosives Defence Group (CBRE) to remove the war relic aka BOMB 25hrs after its discovery.

This is very disturbing, right? Firstly, I'm rather shocked that the police does not have its own bomb disposal unit. I mean, Law and Order, NYPD Blue, Criminal Minds and even CSI have their own bomb disposal unit! Secondly, the distinction between private and public property. Which thankfully turned out to be a huge misunderstanding. Phew!

On June 22nd, the police clarified here that it was more an issue of public safety. Should it determine that the discovered war relic aka BOMB "not pose an imminent threat to public safety", it "could be removed by specialist contractors." So if I were to dig up a war relic aka BOMB, and it doesn't look like it's gonna blow up anytime soon, it's my problem. I'm just so glad I live in an apartment with no garden. The war relic aka BOMB weighed 160kg (352pounds).

This week on Monday, yet another war relic aka BOMB was discovered. This time it was disposed of without any hoo-ha. But I'm shocked that war relics aka BOMB even exist in Singapore. I mean, after World War II, didn't someone go around Singapore checking for war relics aka BOMB and removing them? This is scary. Fyi, I live less than 1 train station from where the first war relic aka BOMB was discovered.

On to less disturbing matters - my blog. I think of my blog like a little virtual garden that I own and from time to time, I like to pretty it. Check out my favicon. So cool, right? A favicon is a small icon sitting next to the url. Me hubs made me jealous when he created a favicon for his blog and of course I had to have one. The only problem is the favicon doesn't appear on IE browsers. Anyone knows how to fix that? If you're lusting after your own favicon, click here and get one for yourself.

Another school term has started. Say hello to waking up at 6am again. My girl did not start school well. Her teacher returned all the files containing completed worksheets on the first day of school. My girl's backpack got so heavy that while walking up a slope after school, she fell! Nothing major, just a couple of bruises. There ought to be a law against heavy school bags. My son actually got off to an easy start. It turned out his English teacher had tricked them into reading more books than required for an assignment. He only wanted ONE book read for an opinion assignment. And I was hounding my son all June to read all the books! There ought to be a law against teachers who trick.....

No, this is not my home. It's my friend, PeriwinkleSu's new workshop. Doesn't it look gorgeous? So white and clean. It was once my dream to live in a white and clean home. hahahaha.

Here she is in action (the one in apron) conducting a workshop in patchwork applique and hand quilting crafts. If you live in Singapore and keen to attend her workshop, go to her blog to check out the details.

These are 3 examples of crafts she's teaching. Take your pick.

I will see you soon.

*song lyrics - Ray Parker Jr


Bethany said...

Oh you know my pick is the little Russian doll surrounded by pink and white flowers, lol. It's the bomb, bwahahahah. Get it? Cause of the war relics? Right? Right? Ok, I'll be quiet now :)
But seriousy - freakin' bombs?!

Miranda said...

Umm, first it was the dead guy in the water tank.. now BOMBS? Really. That is some crazy stuff. I mean I can't even think of anything that's happened around here lately. All I can say is WOW...I like the one with the red haired girl on it, because I have red hair :)

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