Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Size Matters

Hi people,

Something happened today that has forever changed me. Me hubs out of the blue decided to connect his 32" HD TV which he had bought to watch Blue-ray stuff to our computer. Our computer monitor is 22".

Check this baby out. Use the size of the keyboard to compare! My dear friends who are still using regular size monitors, size is everything! Everything is so clear and sharp and huge. You are looking at the new me. I have become a monitor snob. Hahaha.

Me thinks me hubs "gave away" his beloved HD TV just so he can get a new TV. The Great Singapore Sale beckons.

Btw, the computer table my very expensive monitor sits on is actually something me hubs "rescued" from the dumpster. And that was like 15 years ago. Can you believe how cheap we people are? Perhaps my "new" monitor might recify the situation. As the monitor is so huge and it sits on a shelf higher than the table, I have to strain my neck. It's time to check out the furniture stores!

Does this happen to you guys? This is what the cables look like under the table. I can't for the life of me get them to obey.

I've been working very hard these few days (honest) but I've nothing to show yet. Singapore weather is still erratic. Hot, rain, hot, rain. Do you know that I never leave home without my umbrella?

Speaking of hot, have you heard of this new controversial club set up in Malaysia? It's called Obedient Wives Club. It has 800 members. One of the founders said:
"When husbands come home, wives do not welcome their husbands with warm alluring smiles and sexy dressing ... That is the reality today," 
Oh gosh, I had no idea warm alluring smiles and sexy dressing were the key to a successful marriage!

Amazingly, it seems a Singapore branch is being considered.

According to the linked report,
The Obedient Wives Club has been slammed by critics everywhere, saying that it degrades women by saying that it is the wives' duty to make love better than "first-class prostitutes" to solve familial problems.
I am speechless.

And I was speechless on my wedding day, many moons ago. On the day, after leaving the Registry of Marriage, I entered me hubs home and his mom performed some kind of ritual. Then she put a long gold chain over my neck. While doing so, she whispered in my ear,
You must obey me! You must obey me!

Like I said, I was speechless. Later I asked me hubs if he expected me to obey his mom and he laughed.

Do whatever you want, Jane.

And so I did. I tried my best not to antagonize me MIL and stayed out of her way as best as I could. When a Chinese woman marries a Chinese man, it seems she marries a Chinese MIL too! Me MIL could have pioneered the Obedient DIL Club!!! Could have, would have.

Much later, I asked me hubs if he expected me to obey him and he laughed.(nervously)
No, I just want your love.

Okay, I made the last part up. I can't remember what he said. It's like 16 years ago! But it was definitely not a YES. He is too afraid of me. Okay, I made that up again. Me hubs is not afraid of me. But he's smart enough not to give me any reason to hit him.


Serene said...

Jane! Hope you have been doing well! :) I just had to leave a comment because your post is hilarious! :D Anyway, love your latest designs!

jane p said...

Serene! I miss seeing you.

Relishedartistry said...

Speaking from a male perspective, how demeaning is it that the women of the Obedient Wives Club think their husbands are that shallow that they could be so easily manipulated into happiness? "Stepford Wives" are creepy. No real man wants one of those. Run away!! Run Away!!! : )

Your post is awesome, Jane! More power to ya!! And congrats on the huge monitor--you think maybe dual monitors are in the future?? Haha!! : )

Miranda said...

Oh you crack me up! Maybe you need to scoot back a bit from your ginormous monitor, that way it won't hurt your neck. I think if they have an obedient wives club, they should have an obedient husbands club too!

Chris H said...

OH DEAR your big TV monitor is giving me ideas!
Love it.

You husband is a wise man... so is mine! lol

tamdoll said...

Obedient Wives Club. Unbelievable.

Not much else to say on that one!

But about the monitor... that's fantastic! Don't worry about getting a new stand, just get a taller chair!

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