Thursday, July 10, 2014

Great Singapore Sale Haul

I did not go nuts over the Great Singapore Sale (30 May to 27 July) this year. My home is extremely cluttered with 3 collectors living together. (it's mostly me and hubs) We do not have space for more clutter. This year alone, I have given to recycling a ginormous amount of stuff that were still usable yet it hasn't made much difference in my home.

I made an executive decision to junk some of my old Tees. I think after wearing them for at least 5 to 10 years, I've got my money's worth. Besides, they have this lingering smell that the washing machine is unable to remove.

These are my new t-shirts. Mostly black/white/grey as I believe (rightly) I look best in these colours. This time, I added two t-shirts outside my normal hue - purple and "bright" blue. The Zara tees weren't really cheap in my opinion. 19 bucks. I got a better deal at Uniqlo. I think the tees were $9.90 and $10.90.  And the one from Pull and Bear was $11.90. If I were to wear these tees for 10 years, it's a pretty good deal, don't you think?

I didn't get any bottoms because I fell off the wagon and gained some weight, conveniently around the tummy. Why can't I gain weight, say around the boobs area instead? Since I believe I will definitely lose more weight and regain my previous hot body, I thought it wise not to buy any bottoms.

There was an Ikea sale and we went with the intention of buying some storage unit which will double as a house for my dolls. I know this sounds like crazy talk but we're not very normal people. We saw a lot of possibilities but somehow ended up buying this very cheap bookshelf which is not really what I had in mind but at least now I have a place to put my dolls. The box which my dolls come in are very tall and that's what makes housing them difficult. Hubs took away one of the shelf and because of that we couldn't put the backing up.

This is what the whole shelf looks like and we put it against the last remaining wall space in our home. These shelves are on a very narrow passageway separating the bedrooms. The dirty thingy on the wall? That's the growth chart for my girl. I'm still waiting for someone to clean the dirty smudges off the wall. The brown bookcase next to the dolls keep books and hubs' blue rays.

Ikea had these boxes at an incredible price but I forgot how much. I remember it was very cheap. Of course I had to buy them. I use the big one to keep my fabric scraps and the smaller ones are for my dolls clothing. There are 2 things I don't like about these boxes. I think the paper will look horrid when it gets dusty and I don't know how easy it is to get the dust out without leaving a smudge. The ribbons are unnecessary.  I dislike tying the ribbons. Seriously dislike. Imagine having to do that every time you use the box. I just want to cut them off!

These round boxes were the same price as the floral ones. Hubs grabbed them too. After opening them, I see 2 flaws - the covers don't fit so well and the paper quality is... coarse.

Yesterday I got these slippers at Robinson's "exclusive" closed door event. We happened to walk past when we saw the sign. These Native slippers are $10 each and shockingly comfy. Do you know how much the Havaianas or Ipanemas cost here? I wear slippers a lot and although I don't need an extra pair, I just cannot resist the bright pink and seriously, who can walk past a pair of white slippers? The pink ones are a little bit longer than my feet (they are men's size) but I didn't care. I think they'll come in handy these days as the weather is likely to be wet mostly. Yesterday's thunderstorm was horrific. I got completely drenched and it was really terrifying walking in the open with the lightning going on and on. And while I was walking, I keep thinking about the chances of being struck by lightning which my son had informed me previously is fairly high.

My family has really bad luck when it comes to floor mats. Well, the original ones we bought when we first moved into our flat around 15 years ago was quite good but they wore out. Subsequent ones we bought always failed somehow. Either they shed fluff or the bottom disintegrate into annoying bits and pieces.

These are two of the four floor mats I bought recently. The one on the right is only $3.90. Both are able to absorb water and don't shed but are far too flimsy for our feet. I am considering making my own mats! Maybe even crocheting some old tees? But it sounds like a lot of work!

What have you bought lately?


Sandra :) said...

I'm an "apple" shape too - I gain weight right on my belly - it sure makes buying pants a royal PITA!

I've been doing so-so at curbing my shopping - nobody in the house really collects anything, except me and my sewing/crafting supplies. I sew in the basement, and all my goodies are down there, so they're not filling up the house, but I know I have too much fabric. I can't resist a sale - that's my problem! We went on a Stateside/Joanns run 2 weeks ago - I tried to keep my craft spending to $100 and I was almost successful - I was at $114. It's a start, lol!

Linda said...

You definitely should make your own!!!

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