Wednesday, July 2, 2014

One day in June

I turned a year older in June. I wasn't looking forward to it. A few days before my birthday I woke up daily with achey shins. It was almost as if my body couldn't wait to let me know how old it feels. This year I decided the kids need not buy presents for me and hubs anymore. It was very stressful for them and for me as well. So I decreed that only hubs and I would get presents for each other. Almost immediately everyone felt better.

I had also gone so far as to say I wanted to do away with the cake, candle and birthday song. All I wanted was my present. But hubs said: nonsense. I woke up at 6am as son had school even though it was the school holidays. I saw a present on the table and the minute I saw hubs stirring, I asked him if I could open the present. But he said no. He said to wait till my girl was awake.

Geez. I waited till noon. Then I made a lot of noise so my girl would wake up. Finally I got to open my present.

I was really shocked to see this doll because I had asked hubs to get me a J-doll and this doll is not a J-doll. It's a Dal doll. Still I was happy with it.

We went out for a birthday lunch with my girl. My son had to miss it. Yes, this is how we are dressed when we go to a restaurant.

We ate at Thai Express as there's usually seafood at the restaurant. You may recall hubs and I stopped eating meat but we still eat seafood. Hubs is on the verge of breaking down pretty soon. Anyway, I had originally planned to colour my hair so I would have the illusion of looking young on my birthday. But the thought of sitting down for hours and paying a huge ransom for all that just didn't appeal to me. I decided I shall wait till I look like Gandalf.

This is what I ate - softshell crab with glass noodles. Honestly, it was just passable. I definitely won't order it again. Hubs and I eat out a lot but I've yet to eat anything that tastes fantastic. Is it me or is it the cooks?

My girl had soft shell crab in curry with rice. It looked better than mine.

Hubs had fish with tom yum soup followed by a strange coconut/nuts dessert.

Would you believe after all that food we went to Marble slab creamery for ice-cream? My girl chose a birthday cake flavour. Remember I said food just doesn't taste fantastic? Well, ice-cream ALWAYS tastes fantastic.

Crap. Now you can see my crazy tooth.

In the evening we did the birthday cake/song thingy. (double peace sign on account of my birthday) p.s. please pretend you can't see the mess in my home.

After blowing out the candle in the cake, crazy hubs brought out 4 more Dal dolls. You know what this means? I got 5 Dal dolls in one day.

Hubs finally came clean. Remember when hubs gave me 3 Pullip dolls on our wedding anniversary? (here) What happened was he had already bought these 5 Dal dolls for our wedding anniversary. But for some reason, he also bought the 3 Pullip dolls. So he decided he had to give me the Pullip dolls first and save the Dal dolls for my birthday. So for a few months these 5 Dal dolls have been hiding in his office.

Want to meet them?

Are they scary looking or just awesome?

Dal dolls are slightly shorter than Pullip dolls and they have a constant pouty look on account of being jealous of the older and taller Pullips. I find the pouty look adorable.

After the squeals over my presents had died down, son played the happy birthday song to me on his Chinese flute. I was delighted.

A short while later, my mother telephoned me. She said she had been trying to reach me all afternoon. Then she sang Happy Birthday to me in English!!! It was so cute and so sweet.

I hadn't expected much on my birthday but it turned out to be such an awesome day. I didn't even mind turning older.


Jane said...

soooo sweet! happy belated birthday! your husband and your kids and your mom are awesome! :D

Sandra :) said...

Happy belated birthday - it looks like you had the perfect day!

Nueyer said...

Awwww.... sounds like you had a fabulous day! Happy belated birthday to you!!!!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday!
what a sweet husband to give you so many dolls!

Christel said...

Happy birthday Jane! :) Your mum sounds so cute hehe.

pennydog said...

Your husband is really cool. That crab your daughter had looks amazing!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Looks like you had a great day, and all those dolls!

BTW I can't see the mess in your home, and if you hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't even have looked!

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