Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New 50 is the old 20

In my real life I am very short sighted. I forget what my degree is but it's between 450 to 550. Ever since I became a middle-aged woman, I have also developed presbyopia which is a age-related condition where my eyes can't focus on near objects. You know what this means? I can't see near and I can't see far. I'm close to blind without my glasses!

I function with my distance glasses fairly well. I use it when I go out and at home when I watch TV. This pair of glasses is not good for seeing anything near. So when I am sewing, I have a pair of sewing glasses. I tailor the degree to see the needle on the sewing machine clearly. When I am working on the computer, I use another pair of glasses tailored for comfortable reading. I don't use bifocals or progressive glasses as I get dizzy easily. Does this sound complicated? I was quite comfortable with this arrangement but since last year, I've encountered a problem.

See, in 2013, new coins were issued. In Singapore currency, we have 5cents, 10cents, 20cents, 50cents and 1dollar coin. The old Singapore coins would eventually be phased out. 

Do you see the problems with the new coins? Whoever designed the coins must be someone young who hasn't hit 40 yet.

Maybe this photo above will give you a better picture of the problem. The new 50cents coin is very close to the size of the old 20cents coin. The size between the new 50 and new 20 cents coin is too insignificant. You know how I know? I keep overpaying for my purchase. Due to my near blindness, when I pay in cash, I have been using the "feel method". I could of course remove my glasses to peer at the coins but it's a hassle!

The old 50 cents coin is pretty significant. The weight and size alone will tell you it's a 50. I did not realise I had been using the weight and feel of the coins to tell them apart until the new damn coins were introduced. Suddenly I keep getting money returned. I had been using my new 50cent coins as 20cent coins. Fortunately, Singapore cashiers are pretty honest.

Speaking of presbyopia, don't you just hate it not being able to focus near once we hit 40?


Christel Goh said...

Hi Jane, I have this problem too! I usually "feel" for the coins I need. But now, I'll need to double check if I'm giving a 50 cents coin or 20 cents coin (the new one) :/

Projects By Jane said...

So it affects the young too Christel!

Christel Goh said...

I think it's a matter of habit, not our eyesights or age ;)

Sandra :) said...

Getting older is not for the weak of heart, that's for sure! No wonder so many old people are cranky - things HURT, lol!

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