Saturday, October 25, 2014

Helloooo Kitty

Guess what?

I'm participating in the Hello Kitty Run on 1st Nov which is next Saturday. I'm not really a Hello Kitty fan but hubs is and after he signed up, I jumped in as well. You know what I always preach:
A couple that runs together stays together.
This year we didn't have a chance to do any runs together apart from the amazing race run we did as a family at Japanese Garden (here). Hubs will only do 10km and above while I'm only capable of running up to 6km. My fitness is not in very good shape lately. I haven't been able to go swimming or running. The air is pretty bad and I still have daily headaches. It's a big headache for me!


It's a 5km fun run for Hello Kitty's 40th birthday. Hello Kitty is now a ahjumma!!! There won't be much running. It will be packed with kids and people walking. The starting point is at Vivocity and the route is across the bridge linking Sentosa with Singapore and around the perimeter of Sentosa island.

This run is quite expensive. I paid $70 while hubs got a better deal at $65 as he pre-registered. Yesterday we got our race pack and it is a little disappointing.

This is my race bib. I am, of course, running as PROJECTS BY JANE.

This is the plushie. It is small.

This is how small the Hello Kitty plushie is.

I really like the running tee. I have a thing for tees with a different colour around the shoulder. This is size M which is slightly big for me but I don't mind it. Most size M would fit me perfectly. There was a long queue of people waiting to do a size exchange.

There was a token pack of cereal which went to my girl. And that was it. Everything came in a red backpack - the kind you won't really use. I was hoping the plushie would at least come in a case or box or a container of some sort. 

Hubs ordered this towel thinking it's a large towel but it turned out to be a small towel. It's perfect for me when I go for my Pilates and Cardio classes.

I couldn't resist a peace sign photo with 40 year old Hello Kitty. Now if only one of us had kicked the box out of the way.


Anna said...

Good luck with your run. It is quite an achievement to be able to run such a long distance.

Sandra :) said...

Good luck with the run! My SIL has recently gotten into doing 5K runs (she walks - she doesn't run) - she won't do one if they don't give out a medal to the participants, so she's getting quite a collection now, lol. I could WALK 6k - there's no way I could run it - I couldn't even run a block without giving myself 2 black eyes, lol!

Christel Goh said...

A themed run sounds interesting. But to pay $70 sounds a little ex... All the best for you and your husband's run! :)

Projects By Jane said...

Christel, i agree it is a ridiculous amt to pay for a run. Most runs are a lot cheaper, around $30 to $50? But this is probably the only chance hubs and I get to run together. He only runs 10km and above and I can't manage 10km yet. So I thought why not since I'm not getting younger.

pennydog said...

I can't do over 5km- I have horrendous shin splints, in fact I am three months in to not having run at all because they got that bad I could barely walk

Jane said...

so neat! good luck on the run!

Chris H said...

I am sure you are going to enjoy the run.

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