Saturday, October 18, 2014

What's the weather like in your October?


This whole week I spent most of my time sleeping because I caught a mysterious bug. All achy, head achy, mi-grainy. Today is the first day I didn't take any day nap. The 11 hour sleep I had might have something to do with it!

October is not cooperating with me. It's been humid, hazy, cloudy, thunder storming or just raining. I need good sunlight to take photos for my next pattern. When is the sun coming out?

Oh, a few weeks ago, my girl turned 15. Here she's 5.

Here she's 15.

During the photoshoot for her birthday, I discovered my Nikon camera only had a 2-second delay. I had to run from the end of the table to behind my girl to get myself in the shot. All the photos had me blurry, huffing and puffing except for this one. I think I stepped on my son's foot.

While digging in my archives for my girl's photos, I discovered these rare pics of my mother taken in 2004 at my brother's pink apartment. She never ever plays with us when we were kids. But in these pics, she was showing her grand kids that she, too, could do the hoola hoop.

Hope you're having a good weekend.


Maria said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been well. My hubby and son caught a cold and I avoided them like the plague in the hope I'd be spared. So far so good. We've also had all sorts of weather, mostly rain but for the last couple of days we've had 20C with glorious sunshine, it's just perfect. Only problem is it get dark so quick now. Love your photos, kids grow up so quick.

Sandra :) said...

Awwwwwwww love the family photos - especially the one of you practically diving into the photo due to the 2 second delay, haha. Here our weather has been a bit warmer than normal for October - we don't normally get t-shirt days in mid-October :D It's 9C and overcast right now - for the rest of the month our temps will be hovering around 10C during the day, and just a bit above freezing overnight - that's about par for the course. All indications are that we're going to have a long, cold, snowy winter - as bad as last year's. Not good :(

Jane said...

<3 love these pictures especially the one of your family! happy birthday to your daughter!

Suzee said...

oh my gosh that picture of you made me laugh!!! lol love it!! and great photo of your mom!!!

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