Monday, October 20, 2014

News roundup

It's been a while since I shared some news of Singapore. I know a few of you who used to live in Singapore would like that.

A Pizza Hut customer saw red when she found the words "Pink Fat Lady" on her takeaway order receipt. She complained and Pizza Hut apologised.

 Singapore Dove (the soap) immediately seized the opportunity to use "Pink Fat Lady" in a facebook "campaign".

Early this month, a food court was ordered closed after photos of cockroaches were circulated. (here) The tenant was 1983 and I was reminded of my own bad experience with a food outlet run by 1983.

I realise now I should have complained when I was served mouldy bread by 1983 sometime in 2012. (see here) What happened was I told the cashier I was given mouldy bread and you know what she did? Took the bread from me and threw it into the rubbish bin. Not a word of apology. I was so stunned I did nothing but glare at her. After a while the cashier said she will ask the crew to make another sandwich for me but I rejected it as I couldn't eat their bread anymore. After that, the cashier simply acted like I was invisible. I should have asked for a refund! Sometimes I'm so meek. I remember when I found a beetle in a loaf of Gardenia bread many, many years ago. After hubs complained, they sent someone to my home with a brand new loaf of bread, not exactly the same one I had bought but something more expensive. (yes, I still eat Gardenia bread but have boycotted 1983)

The Singapore Sports Hub, opened this year and built at a cost of $1.33billion apparently has been unable to grow grass properly on the lawn of the National Stadium. The pitch is patchy and sandy. It's embarrassing! Well, one thing though. At least we know now they use real grass. Methinks it's the soil and not the grass. Maybe they need some REAL fertilizer to aid the growth. Like bullshit. Hahahahahaha (okay, the bullshit part I stole from hubs)

Lastly, this came out in September. Have you seen this Singapore Ikea advertisement spoofing Apple? It's really funny. I laughed until I cried. Watch here.


Maria said...

OMG COCKROACHES!!!!!!!!! I hate them and moldy bread is disgraceful. I rarely eat out becasue I'm so fussy and wonder what's going on behind the scenes.

pennydog said...

1983 - is that when the best before date is?

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Hahaha - made me chuckle!! I don't often complain but at TGI Fridays once I found a piece of hard and sharp melted plastic in my pasta so I complained and all I got was a free dessert - not my meal for free - wierd eh?

Sandra :) said...

I managed to post my comment for THIS post, onto an entirely different blog. But it was a post about zipper bags so I'm pretty sure you'll forgive me, Jane, LOL.

Tactile Touch Technology for the Ikea ad - ROTFLMAO! <--- at least I can copy and paste properly ... I hope!

I got served raw chicken at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Toronto decades ago, during a date with boyfriend-who-became-hubby. I don't remember getting anything free, but they did give me a new plate of chicken. Yay? :)

Linda said...

I would be horrified to be called the Pink Fat lady! I'm glad she got some retribution!

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