Sunday, August 2, 2015

Compression Run 2015

I know it's crazy seeing how I have the headaches and wind in my stomach (see this post) but I went for a 5km Compression Run this morning. But you know what? Every morning I actually wake up feeling fantastic. On top of the world. No wind. No headache. The headaches and wind only come after I eat. So as long as I don't eat, I'm great.

Hubs was okay if I pulled out of the run but I thought the exercise would go me good. Last night though, I had a big headache and great difficulty purging the wind. The only thing on my mind was how sad I would be if I really couldn't run. Finally after much Pilates, I was headache and wind-free! And yes, this morning I made sure I didn't eat anything before I left for the run.

I almost forgot to tell you that this Compression Run was originally scheduled for March 29 this year. Unfortunately, it fell on the same day as Lee Kuan Yew's funeral. Remember Lee Kuan Yew? I queued 3 hours and 10 mins to pay my respects. (this post) The organisers of Compression Run were too much of a weakling to carry on with the run so it was postphoned to today.

The first thing I didn't like about this run is stupid hubs signed up for the half marathon 21km. His flag off was 4:30am. My flag off was 8:30am. There was no way I could hang around for 4 hours. So I went on my own. I left home at 6:10am! It was dark. The starting point of the race was at a location I wasn't familiar with - Marina East Drive. It's a terrible location and that's the second thing I don't like about this run.

To get to Marina East Drive, I took a train as close as I could to Marina Barrage. Then I took a bus 400 which was supposed to take me to the barrage. There were many people wearing the compression run tees. So I decided to follow them. A big group of us ended up at a bus-stop.

I took these pics at the bus stop. The sun was just rising so it must have been a little after 7am. Then I noticed a small group of people leaving the bus stop. I quickly looked at the bus information and realised I was at the wrong bus stop. I needed to be going the opposite direction. I asked a young girl standing nearby if she knew where the bus stop for going to Marina Barrage was and it turned out she had also blindly followed everyone else. But she knew where the other bus stop was and we left together. Finally, the bus took us to Marina Barrage. I wandered around, busy taking photos.

Then I remembered I wasn't at the starting line yet. I hadn't even crossed the bridge yet! As I was walking across, hubs called to inform me he had completed the run. I made my way to look for him. It was chaos - people everywhere. I had no idea where to go. I couldn't see any START or any signs at all. This is the third thing I don't like about this run. Don't know where to go.

Luckily hubs found me and brought me to the pen where we waited to be herded to the starting line. Still no sign of START. Please be warned I went peace sign crazy.

 Here I am near the start line. There's really no START sign that I can see. It must be in a very small font size.

Hubs hung around to keep me company. There was a bit of waiting before flag off and we had to do some warm up and high-five your neighbour.

The MC was killing time and saw hubs hanging around.
MC: Are you here to support anyone?
Hubs: No.
MC: I see you have finished the 21km. What can you tell me about the run?
Hubs: Very long.
MC: I think you're here to support someone because I see a lady taking photos of you.
Hubs: ......
Finally we get ready to run. I have to wear my glasses when I run. The run was hot but scenic. The view of Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands and The Singapore Flyer was fantastic. The first two km I ran very slowly because I wasn't sure how fit I was. The third km, I ran a bit faster. But I lacked energy. I so wanted to stop for water breaks but I didn't. I couldn't risk any problems with wind and headaches. There were many runners and you have to fight for your space. I wish there were signages for the last km because I usually run faster at the final km. I started to wonder how much more I have to run so I took out my phone from my fanny pack and at that moment, I went round a corner. My app said I had almost completed 5km. I looked up and realised I was so close to the finish line. Still no FINISH sign. I high-fived a couple of people cheering us on and ran for the finish line.

I even stopped to take a pic of the timing

and the finish line. Ah, now I see the word 'Finish'. Alamak, how to see from afar? By the way, did you spot hubs at the side? He knows I usually take 45min to run 5km and was waiting.

See the winning run shot he captured? I think this is the best photo ever.

After collecting my banana, Pocari Sweat, wet icy towel and medal, I went to wait for hubs at a tent. Hubs took this pic of me while I was waiting for him. I starving but ate slowly so I wouldn't suffer later. I look so lost in my thoughts. Do you know what I was thinking? I was thinking I hope this banana doesn't give me headaches and wind. Yep. That's all I can think about these days. Sad.

Of course we did the obligatory but very enjoyable photos posing.
This is the pocari can pose.

This is the pocari so cold please cool down my very red face pose.

This is the I got medal pose.

This is the scenary post. Now, why didn't I colour my hair before the run?


Sandra :) said...

MC: Are you here to support anyone?
Hubs: No.
I LOL'd and my husband looked at me like I was a crazy lady :D What a sweetie though - ready to capture your picture and cheer for you at the finish line - GO HUBBY! You two make a great pair - I imagine you make everyone you meet ... laugh their heads off :D Congrats on finishing the race despite the challenges!

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