Sunday, August 30, 2015

Justice League Run Sg 2015

Another Sunday morning once again spent waking up at 6am to get ready for another organised run. This time it's the Justice League Run. Hubs sprang this run on me a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, hubs forgot that I'm no longer the 50kg woman he met decades ago. He ordered a size 'M' shirt for me which is a little small around the shoulders for this mama of two.

This run is a fun run, at Sentosa, my least favourite place to run. Getting there is a pain. We took a taxi and due to the driver making a few circles, I left the taxi with a bit of vertigo. I rarely have vertigo so the taxi driver must be really terrible.

This is the race route. It's a 5km fun run. You know what that means? Walkers, prams and kids.

I went as Wonder Woman.

By the way, can Wonder Woman fly? I was a little envious of Superman's costume as it came with a cape.

Majority of the participants came dressed in the Justice League tops. (The superman in the middle is a cosplayer)

See the other cosplayers on the platform? Some look quite spectacular. I did see a very puny and short superman.

Hubs went as Green Lantern. I was hoping he would wear the eye mask but he didn't.

Unlike us, some participants made some effort to jazz up their outfits. I didn't understand the tutus though. I saw more than one tutu.

The run was crowded as expected. Everyone jostled for space. But the weather was good (unlike the Hello Kitty run which poured) so that immediately made everything better. I hated the upslopes and there were a few. I stupidly ran up the first slope and on top, my legs nearly died. So I walked up all the slopes after that. Once we were on flat ground, I felt a lot more comfortable.

Hubs ran ahead of me because I'm a much slower runner. He was at the last 1km when he spotted me running in the opposite direction. Why do I look so crazy when I run?

I remembered to take a pic of the FINISH. The end of a race is always anti-climatic. Like you cross the finish line and it's over. There isn't a bigger effort to cheer the participants in the last few metres. Compared to the start of a race, there's so much energy and noise...

My timing according to my app is 42 min which is roughly how long it takes me to run 5km.

We were given some sweets desserts.

I was hoping for a banana but I got this canned fruit in sweet syrup. And no spoon. So I ate the fruits like a superhero. I used my fingers.

Hubs was totally drenched after the run.

I looked like I just got out of the shower.

I hope hubs lets me sleep in next Sunday.

p.s. read hubs' take on the run here.


Christel Goh said...

Seems like so much fun! Congrats on completing another fun run! :) Btw just curious, do the runners get to choose which character they want to be :P

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Christel, the fee you pay covers one top. The top you choose is your character. There are 5 characters to choose from: Green Lantern, Superman, Flash, Batman and Wonder Woman. My Wonder Woman top came with a headband but I didn't wear it. I have a flat head. Wearing it makes me look so goondu. Some people came in their own "costume". A few people wore the tee from another run, Compression Run as it looks like Mr X. Kinda weird not to be a Justice League character in a Justice League run, right?

Projects By Jane said...

Christel, you can read hubs' new paper article on the run here:

You can see what some of the runners wore. One wore a face mask!

Linda said...

You look great, Jane!
(I think they wear tutus to hide their butts!)

Christel Goh said...

Hi Jane! Oh I see... This "fun run" sure lives up to its name :P You and your hubs look cute in the outfits haha!

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