Friday, August 28, 2015

Weigh In Friday - Worked My Butt Off

Hello people,

My daughter informed me it's depressing to read my blog nowadays because all I talk about is my on-going saga of food sensitivity, bloating and headaches. I'm going to listen to my daughter and avoid any mention of illness, ailment or food related issues on my posts from now on. Except on my Friday's posts. So if you don't want to get depressed, just don't read my Friday posts. Deal?

First up, I want to say I've felt really good this week. I attribute it to 2 things: the probiotics I had been taking and making good food choices. The doctor only gave me 1 week's worth of probiotics so I hope the good effects stay. I still get a small amount of bloating but no headaches. The last time I had a headache was last Saturday. In my demented mind, I decided that Korean Fried Chicken could cure me. So when hubs brought home his Chicken-Up leftovers, I ate two wings.

Because the wings had been kept in the fridge overnight, they no longer tasted good. In fact, I didn't enjoy it at all. But I have abstained from fried chicken for so long, I just ate it. I am a weak person. My stomach informed me that it hated Chicken-Up fried chicken. I got sick as a dog. Huge thundering headache and so much wind I thought I would burst. It took me 6 hours to get rid of the wind and headache.

Apart from fried chicken, I also discovered 2 more items gave me excessive wind. The first one is leek. I have never bought leek in my life but nowadays I'm so garang. It seems, for me at least, leek produces huge amount of wind. So no good. Another thing which is a complete surprise to me is my Sensodyne mouth gargle. wtf? I gargle. I get wind. So weird, right? I've never used this brand of mouth gargle before and I started using this just about the same time I got this condition... Is it possible this is the trigger? Anyway, I'll never know. Whatever, the condition is triggered. Not using the gargle doesn't solve the problem. And yep, I'm never using mouth gargle again.

But other than fried chicken and leek, I made very good food choices. Most of the time I cook my own food because I find that's easier than looking for safe food outside. This week I ate out a number of times and to my delight, I got away without headaches.

I thought I might have some issues with this chicken soup (Tokyo Stew from Soup Spoon) as it looked oily but I had no problems. I did exercise some self-control and only drank 1/3 of the soup.

The doctor said I wasn't supposed to take spicy food but I ignored her advice and ate curry chicken at Curry Times. I love curry chicken but most places cook it with coconut milk which I am not allowed to eat because coconut milk kills me. Curry Times is the only restaurant that I know of that does not use coconut milk. And I had no problems after eating. In fact, I think my stomach loves curry. Don't worry, I'm a changed person now. I won't eat curry chicken every day.

This salmon meal from Lena's is a safe choice because my stomach loves fish. I did avoid the cream.

By the way, I can eat potatoes! I can eat potatoes! In my past life, I seldom eat potatoes other than french fries and sometimes mashed potatoes. I was more of a rice/noodles/bread kind of person. Now suddenly potatoes look very attractive to me. Being able to eat potatoes has opened up more food choices for me when I go out to eat. One of the things hubs and I used to do a lot before my food issues was go out and eat at different restaurants. Now that I can venture out and eat at a selected number of places, I'm starting to feel like a human being again.

Oh, you know what I did once I knew I could eat potatoes? I went out and looked for potato chips. I found this organic, lactose free, gluten free hand cooked potato chips which cost just under $3. I haven't tried it yet but I know it's going to taste delicious.

This week I tried a new oat drink. There's an organic store 5 min from my home and it stocks Oat-ly. For breakfast, I like to rotate a few safe food so I don't get sick of them. I have oatmeal porridge, rye crispbread with jam and oat milk with kamut cereal. Oat-ly doesn't seem to go well with my kamut cereal. It's almost like eating cereal with water. However, on its own, Oatly tastes fantastic. There is a chocolate version which I will definitely buy on my next trip.

With all that tasty food going into my stomach, I knew I couldn't lose any more weight without working for it. So this week I worked my butt off. I walked and walked. Especially after dinner. Where I live, there aren't many places to walk to. So it's been quite boring but I kept up my walk. I went for my run 3 times. I did my Pilates and I made sure I didn't overeat.
This morning I weighed myself and was rewarded with my new weight. 58kg.

Last Friday, I weighed 58.8kg. This means I have lost 800 grams this week and a grand total of 5kg since 21st July 2015.

28th Aug 2015 - 58kg
21st Aug 2015 - 58.8kg
14th Aug 2015 - 58.9kg
7th Aug 2015 - 59.9kg
21st July 2015 - 63kg

This 800g loss was hard earned. I need to lose 1 more kg to reach my target weight. I predict it's going to take a while to lose that last 1 kg. Next week I hope to maintain my weight. I won't lose any sleep if I put on a few hundred grams. It's bound to happen. I shall keep up my exercises, eat a normal healthy diet, indulge in one or two treats and absolutely stay away from Korean Fried Chicken.


Mandy said...

Well done. I may try the Oat drink you recommend. My breakfast is boring.
Either no food or toast with coffee.

Jaz Loh said...

Wow good job on the weight loss! By the way, you can buy the probiotics from Guardian Pharmacy. They have Lactogg and Biogaia. No prescription is needed.

Projects By Jane said...

Mandy, Oat-ly is not sweet and frankly has not much taste. But I like it, esp cold. If you prefer something sweeter and milkier, try PureHarvest oatmilk available at NTUC.

Projects By Jane said...

Thanks Jaz! I'll look out for the probiotics at Guardian. I'll also ask my doc about Lactogg and Biogaia on my next visit.

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