Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New shift dress for Lammily Doll

With so many things competing for my attention daily, including lurking at supermarkets, cooking and taking long naps, it's no wonder I often neglect my dolls. The most enjoyable part of playing with dolls is dressing them up. Lammily doll is built based on a more realistic body type compared to Barbie and that itself causes some problems as there aren't many doll outfits which fit Lammily.

With only one stock outfit to her name (see here), I decided to make a dress for my dear doll. I mean I am after all a sewer and taking a piece of fabric and draping it round Lammily simply doesn't qualify as an outfit. I have sewn doll outfits for Barbie dolls and Mell-chan doll before so I can tell you it's a lot of work. Plus I'm quite impatient so handling small pieces of fabric is not the best thing for me.

By hook or by crook, I did it. What do you think? I didn't make it too fitting because I found it a bit hard to sew around the armholes if they were any smaller.

To make my life more complicated, I lined the dress. The lining is totally not necessary because it's a doll dress. How many times are you going to wash it anyway?

I wanted to take a few photos of Lammily in her new dress but it was quite a struggle. I'm using a new camera and I've only read a few pages of the User's Manual. There are 390 pages in all. Some of the things I used to do to in my previous camera, I realised don't always work in my new camera. The biggest problem I face is the focusing. Anyway, I hope to figure it out soon.

Because Lammily doesn't have articulated knees, she can only sit with her legs stretched out in front of her, I had to make sure the dress can accommodate the stretch.

The dress hem sits slightly under her knees. I don't mind making the hemline shorter. My son commented that the shift dress looks like a maternity dress! He's right.

This is only a sample dress so I didn't want to waste my plastic snaps. I sewed two sets for the top. I've forgotten where I bought these plastic snaps. They're perfect for doll outfits!

I don't think Lammily is a sexy doll. Well, it is sort of anti-Barbie... but in this shot, I thought she looks crazy sexy. (not in a weird doll-sex way, you know what I mean!)

With the haze still on going and yes, the western part of Singapore where I live is still the hardest hit, Lam Lam has been going a bit stir crazy. Earlier today, the haze looked a tiny bit better and I saw her pointing at the window.

"Lam go out." 
(why do I assume dolls speak poor English?)

I let Lam sit downstairs for a while. She was pretty happy.

Then she found a blue bench to sit on.

It matches her dress!

Lammily wouldn't budge from her blue chair for a very long time.

I took my eyes off her for one second and she disappeared. Where is she?

OMG. Those are big people bikes Lammily!

Finally Lammily got off the dangerous bikes. Thank goodness she finally stopped screwing around.

Wait a minute...

"Look Jane. No hands."

It's safe to say there won't be any more trips downstairs for Lammily for a while. It got my step counter up though.


Sandra :) said...

HAHA who would have thought that making doll clothes would lead to some good exercise - what a hoot! The dress is very pretty, but judging by the way she sits, and the way she takes off like a teenager and heads for parts dangerous, I'd say a maternity dress is in her not-so-distant future!

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